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I work online from home, and I love it.

I have developed a system that lets me work from home without the stress.

However, working online from home is not for everybody.

Here are my top tips to help you create a work from home environment that works for anybody!


1. Work Online From Home With The Right Attitude

If you want to work from home successfully, you need to have the right attitude. If you are doing it because you think it is “cool”, you need to think again.

Working from home takes dedication and commitment.

As a freelancer, if you work for yourself, you need to be disciplined. Sure, you have the freedom of not working in the office and being your own boss. But it’s not a leisurely walk in the park.

Planning Ahead

Enjoy freedom.

But don’t abuse the freedom.

I stick to certain hours for project times. I do this by managing my time with a planner. It helps me stay on track. If you are not used to working like this, don’t worry. It gets easier over time. Planning your time and days are one of the best things you can do to help yourself.

Work Online From Home

2. Set Up Your Environment To Work Online From Home

Your working environment needs to be perfect for you to work at your best. Find an area in your home that has no distractions.

Designated Work Area

You may be lucky enough to have a room you can use as an office. If space is limited, section an area off just for you. Divider screens and curtains can do the trick.

A Clutter-Free Zone

Wherever you decide to work, make sure that the area is free of clutter. A cluttered work area is a cluttered mind. Give yourself a head start and clear your working space. If you live with somebody else, ask them to respect your work area.

Unexpected Noise

You can’t control your neighbours.

They might make a noise when you least expect it.

If you have a meeting with a client and your neighbour decides to renovate their home, it can be quite inconvenient. Arrange a backup area to work. Or be prepared to change the meeting if all else fails.

Use Proper Equipment To Work Online From Home

You might be limited, depending on your budget. But the beauty of working for yourself is that you can upgrade your equipment as you earn money. Try to have the best PC or laptop that can handle your type of work.

Invest in an ergonomic chair and desk. Your body needs to sit in comfort as you work.

I have worked through over 12 headsets working from home.

So, invest in a headset that fits with your work and your lifestyle. I am still searching for the ultimate headset that is strong enough for me!


3. Embrace Social Interaction

It is possible to get caught up with your work online when you work from home. I have been there and learnt from the mistake.

Remember To Take A Well-Earned Break

It is vital for your mental health that you can disconnect and take a break. Whatever you like doing to relax, schedule it in your diary.

If you have trouble “switching off”, it is because you have not relaxed enough. Make sure that you do something for you every single day.

Avoid Becoming A Hermit

You can become a bit hermit-like when you work from home, and sometimes when you are engrossed, hours can slip into days.

Make sure that you get that fresh air, even if you are walking to the shops. Get yourself away from your lovely working environment and meet with your more important friends and family.

Work Online From Home – Takeaways

Working from home doesn’t have to be stressful if you can manage it properly. Tick off all the areas above and make sure you are giving yourself the best start to a potentially productive workspace.

If it is new to you, don’t worry. Stepping outside your comfort zone will not only help you find new work opportunities but also boost your personal development to the next level.

Enjoy your new working life!

Best, Sally

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