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The pandemic has created a working revolution. But was it already simmering away in the background? Of course, it was. Whether you were already working from home or have had to adapt, while some of us slowly go back to the office, many of us will stay at home working. So, how can you work from home long term and gain some extra benefits for yourself? You need to look at how you work and then change it to make your life easier. You only need to spend a bit of time and organise yourself properly. Here is how you can do it!


According to the Future Workforce Report by Upwork in 2020, 62% of companies believed that they would have more remote working than pre-pandemic estimates. The world of work has changed for good. For sure, it had been leaning towards remote working for a while. But the pandemic pushed everything forward by several years. So why not embrace the situation and accept it for what it is?

Think about your future goals, both personal and professional.

Is this good news for you? Yes. Employers love adaptable and flexible employees; what better way to show your organisation and time-management skills. Zoom meetings, managing your hours, and communicating with your colleagues, are all different but manageable when you know how to do it. Don’t be scared about tweaking your work from the home environment even further. Learn, develop, and keep growing!

Remind Yourself of the Positives


Remember all those hours spent travelling to and from work. Horrendous traffic jams, the sound of the car fan coming on to cool the engine. Or you were squashed up inside the train, trying to get some breathing space before you start work. Or you were doing battle with your umbrella in the rain. It’s a nightmare when it flips inside out. None of it is fun. But when you work from home, you can eliminate all these bad experiences. You can spend more time for yourself. You can even create a morning routine to help you get a head start on your day.

The Benefits When you Work From Home Long Term

The obvious benefits are gaining time and lowering the stress when you don’t have to commute to work. But there are also other benefits that you might be taking for granted. Here are some examples:

  • You can create a working space that matches your tastes. If you want blue walls with white spots, you can do it—no boring work colours.
  • Avoid office dramas. You might not be able to avoid everything, but working from home can eliminate time-zapping colleague conflicts.
  • Over time you will create your perfect workspace and can have your favourite things close to hand.
  • When you feel relaxed, you will be more effective and productive at work. While this is good for your employer, it also benefits you to reduce your stress levels further.

Work From Home Long Term and Achieve Work-Life Balance


If you are one of the millions of people who have decided to work from home long term, you could be on to an awesome thing. Finding the perfect work-life balance that works for you can take time. Because what works for you won’t work for everybody else. However, the best news is that you have more chance of achieving it long-term when you work from home. A work-life balance is there for the taking.

You can balance your life and work the best way you can for yourself.

Working from home over a more extended period allows you to see what works and doesn’t work. You can then refine your working pattern so that it matches your lifestyle. You have the real possibility of creating something close to the perfect work-life balance that makes you super happy. Be critical in the beginning and change it as you go. It might take some time, but it will be worth it. Plus, you will know when you are finally there, as you will feel it!

It is Only the Beginning of The Working Revolution

Even though the change has been happening for years, it is still relatively new. One thing is clear though, by 2030, we will all be living and working in a completely different way to how we do now. There will be advancements that will benefit us in both our work and private lives. Some of us will miss the “old” traditional ways and might even hold on to them. But wherever you sit on this, it is still exciting to know that you are in the middle of a working revolution that will go down in history.

How do you work from home, and how does it affect your life? Please feel free to let us know so you can help others work from home successfully as well. Also, don’t forget to care and share this article and spread the word.

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