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Time Management Tips can help us on our quest to be more productive. They can also enable us to create a more organised environment. So, how can we actively manage our precious time? What can you change right now? Where can we find more time?

Here are a few tips, so that we can make start and take control of our time!

Time Management Tips – The Early Bird Catches The Worm

As a blogger and writer, I find that this phrase is very true. I am not “a morning person” but by getting up early (most mornings) I really do catch that worm. The earlier you can do it, the better. You can achieve so much when it is quiet. You will have completed several tasks before some people are even awake 🙂

The first half an hour, I always need a good cup of tea, breakfast and sometimes a little walk. Once I feel more alert, I am ready to go!

The easiest way to do this, is to go to bed a little earlier the night before. Then it is not such a shock to the system 🙂


Also, make sure that you schedule in a couple of “lie-ins”. Your body and mind will appreciate the days when you can get up a little later. It will feel like a special treat.

Here is an interesting article from, Business Insider, that discusses more reasons why waking up early can benefit you.

Take Control Of Your Social Media

Do you sometimes feel that social media has taken control of you? How much time do you spend each day on FB, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.?

Social media has been a revolution for many people. Giving access and different opportunities to people, from all backgrounds, throughout the world. But sometimes you can end up spending hours each week, checking statuses, or the latest post. It is important that we interact with each other, but we need to make sure that we are not interacting too much.

As a good example, the other night I wanted to watch the final episode of the Game of Thrones. But I had to spend all day avoiding spoilers. I am regularly on the internet for The Leslie Link or writing for clients. I tried to avoid FB for most of the day, in case I accidentally saw a spoiler.

But, the thought of not being able to access FB, for just one day, felt strange. It was the same feeling you get when you forget your mobile phone. When we experience situations like this, it is a little reminder. We can spend a little less time each day on social media. This gives us more time with the people that we care about and love.

Time Management Tips – 100% Focus

Focus is incredibly important.

Think about the time you have used focus when you have been working on a task. It doesn’t matter if it was a small or large project. I bet you completed the work quicker and felt great afterward.

When you are “in the middle of something”, it is very easy to get distracted. Sometimes you can end up going off and doing something completely different. Then you realise you have no time left to do the original task. This then leaves you feeling frustrated and slightly stressed. Simply because you did not retain your focus and complete your original task.

So, how can you manage to retain your focus?

Focus - The Leslie Link

Set yourself mini goals to reach, before you take a break. Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Think about the outcome. What will you achieve when you finish this project/work? The end result is worth the 100% Focus 🙂

You can learn to be more productive and manage your time by looking into productivity courses. It can take your time management to the next level!

More Time Management Ideas

Don’t forget to care and share the article with your family and friends. If you missed Part Two of How To Be More Productive, you can read Part Two here… If you would like more ideas, read this article on how you can achieve your goals!

I hope that you are now taking steps to be more productive and manage your time wisely 🙂

Kind regards,

Sally – The Leslie Link

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