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2019 is only a few days away. Use these Time Management Tools. Get ready and be super organised for next year 🙂 Be one step ahead of everyone else.

Here are 4 easy tips on how you can use some Time Management Tools to get ready for 2019!

Tip 1 – Invest In A Small Paper Notebook

If you do not have one already go out and buy one. A small paper notebook is one of the greatest investments that you can buy. It can easily fit anywhere. In your back pocket, in your handbag, in your car… This is one of the best Time Management Tools and holds you accountable.

Wasting Your Time Forgetting Things

How many times have you remembered something you need to do but you had forgotten?

You want to write it down before you forget it. Then you waste the next 10 minutes searching for something to write it on. Sounds familiar? Then when you do find something to write it on, you cannot remember it. The idea disappears like mist from your brain. You groan deep down inside. Then you amazingly remember the item 5 months later when it is too lateW

I have a little notebook that I carry around with me. I always write down my ideas and things I need to do. Call it an age thing 🙂 But I find it very useful.

Small Paper Notebook - Time Management Skills

A small notebook helps you remember your ideas and will prompt you to take action. This helps commit it to your memory. You can also refer to the notebook whenever you want.

Do not make the mistake of writing it on Notepad on your PC or Smartphone, it is not the same. Take the time to write it down in the notebook, you are investing your time wisely.

Follow Up: Make sure that you check your notebook at the end of the day. Get that ball rolling! Put your idea into action. You will save time in the long run. Start using this system right now.

Tip 2 – Give Yourself A 1-Hour Present

It is important to give your help and support to others in life. It is true that we are all on our own individual journeys. But it is always nice to know that other people are there for us, if and when we need them

It is very easy to forget about looking after ourselves. We must take time to consider our own personal well-being. Partying too hard. Working too hard. Or maybe you are doing both of these. It can all take its toll on you!

If this sounds like you, make sure that you ready to change this habit fast. Start from today and give yourself a 1-hour present.  It is one of the Free Time Management Tools and you can give it to yourself any hour of the day.

1-Hour Present Ideas

1-Hour Present - Time Management Skills

Take a Time Out for 1-hour… just for you! If tea is your thing, set an hour aside in your diary and enjoy your favourite cup of tea and get your feet up! You will feel completely relaxed. This is because you are spending time doing something that you enjoy. You will have no guilty feelings as you have arranged this time especially for you.

It is your 1-hour present!

Need an extra hour in bed? Give yourself the present of an extra hour and add it on to your sleep. You can go to bed one hour earlier than you normally do. Alternatively, you can stay in bed an extra hour. Our bodies are designed to recuperate and repair themselves when we are sleeping. If you are not sleeping for enough hours each day, this can have a lasting effect on your body and mind. Zzzzzzzzz

Do you love exercising? Make sure you have your 1-hour set aside and dedicate it your favourite exercise.

It is your present! You can decide what you want to do for your 1-hour. It can be anything you want. Make sure that it is something that you enjoy. After your hour you will feel ready to take on the world. What is stopping you? Nothing… apart from you. Get it scheduled in your diary now!

Other ideas for a 1-Hour present.

Tip 3 – Turn Off The Television

Turn Off The Television - Time Management Skills

Television is definitely not one of the Time Management Tools 🙂

But the big red button on the remote control is … see that big red button, you know the one I mean! You can press it and turn off the television. This also applies to Netflix.

Our lives can sometimes become dominated by the television. We want to watch our shows, catch the news etc. Before you know it you have already watched 3 hours of television in one go.

Netflix can also be time-consuming. It can become very addictive when you have found a series that you enjoy. You end up binge watching every episode to the end. Why not 🙂 It is a super way to relax. But make sure that it does not become a habit as you will lose so much time each day.

Turn the television off. Put the radio on. Or read a book. Or simply do nothing and have some quiet time. Meditate.

Check out this article on Medium. Find out what happens when you watch less television.

Tip 4 – Use A 2019 Diary

I have already ordered mine. My parents have bought it for me as a Christmas Present. I am very excited as it is by Paulo Coelho and has inspirational sayings for every single day. I am really looking forward to using it as I know it will help me manage my time. Arranging appointments with clients and planning my blog. I can also schedule time for pleasure 🙂

A diary is a very old concept. But it is one of the most effective time management tools. It can help keep you organised on a day-to-day basis.

Use A 2019 Diary - Time Management Skills

Sure, there are great apps. Even a calendar on your PC/Smartphone. But there is nothing better than holding a diary in your hands. You can go straight to any date in the diary and do not need to open up several pages on a computer. With a week by week calendar, you have everything there and it is great for managing your time.

Here is a link for an article in The Independent by Emma Lee-Potter which mentions the 10 Best Diaries for 2019

Embrace these Time Management Tools for 2019. They are all easy to use and will ensure that you are organised and ready to take on the world. Share this post with your family and friends and give them a head start for 2019!

Sally – Founder of The Leslie Link 

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