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Studying is important for us to reach our educational goals. However, finding the time to study can sometimes create its own stress. Chomping on a pencil is not the answer!

Here are some Time Management Tips For Studying that can help you stay organised.

Use these tips to create a studying environment that is perfect for your mental state. Ensuring that you meet your deadlines in a clear and confident way. Feel stress-free and well on track to achieve your goals!

Time Management Tips For Studying

Time Management Tips For Studying – Tip 1 – The 5 P’s

The 5 P’s – Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance – is a great way to remember why it is important to organise yourself and study in the best way possible.

Time Management Tips For Studying

Check out this fantastic Students Guide To Study Skills And Time Management from Edumed. The guide was created to assist healthcare students, but it can be used by anybody studying. It has 4 strategies to help you improve your studying and utilise your time.


Start planning your study to achieve the best performance for you!


Time Management Tips For Studying – Tip 2 – Ask Questions

There is no shame in asking questions. In fact, at The Leslie Link, we encourage it. If you do not understand something, ask your lecturer/teacher. It is their role as a professional to help you learn and understand subjects.

If something is not clear it is best to ask there and then. It will save you so much time at the end of the term when you are trying to figure out the gaps in your knowledge.

Ask Questions - The Leslie Link

Avoid gaps in your notes and be prepared to stick that hand in the air and ask the question. You may even inspire others to ask, who were also reluctant to do so.




Time Management Tips For Studying – Tip 3 – Review Your Notes

Reviewing your notes at the end of the day may seem tiresome but the benefit far outweighs this feeling.

I review my day at the end of every day. I plan what I need to do tomorrow, this week, next week, that month, etc. It may sound a bit intense, but it really is not.

Review Your Notes - The Leslie Link

Dedicating a short amount of time at the end of the day. Evaluate your notes. This will save you so much time when you have to settle down and study for an exam. Set some time aside to do this and make sure your notes are accurate and it all makes sense 🙂




Time Management Tips For Studying – Tip 4 – All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Stay focused by using exercise as a release. Like the heading says, all work and no play can make you very dull. That applies to everybody in this world, not just Jack 🙂

Exercise - The Leslie Link

Make sure that you dedicate time to exercise and relax. Studying for endless hours will not make you sharper. It will drain your body, your brain and your enthusiasm for studying.

Check out this blog post for some ideas on how you can incorporate exercise into your day!

Taking control of your studying habits can empower you. Not only will it help you achieve your short-term goals but you can use the same strategy throughout your lives. Start using this Time Management Tips for Studying. See the positive difference in your life.

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Have a great week ahead! Kind regards, Sally.

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