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Last week we looked at some ideas, to help you manage your time. This was in order to make it easier for you, to help you achieve your goals. Here are some more ideas that you can use in your everyday life. Give them a go and see how these little changes can benefit you!

Part 2

Little Jobs

Little Jobs - Achieve Your Goals

So what are “Little Jobs”? Well, those are the little jobs that take you only a few minutes to complete. But for some reason you manage to find an excuse to put them off. You tell yourself that they are not that important. Consequently, you end up not doing them and by the end of the week, you have 10 Little Jobs that have still not been done!

But Little Jobs are easy to deal with if you can commit yourself to work on them. Every day in the morning, grab a pen and write down any that pop into your head. Now you need to make a special effort to complete those jobs the same day. Then simply cross them off your list. Achieve your goals by starting this little routine. Easy!

As you start using this technique every day, you will find that it becomes automatic, and some jobs you will deal with instantly.

Priority Jobs

Priority - Achieve Your Goals

These are jobs that you must do first. They take priority over anything else. In a work situation, you may be asked to meet a deadline. Any job that has a strict timeframe to be completed, should be classed as a Priority job.

If you sometimes feel swamped with the amount of work you have to do, organise your work into priority order. Grab that pen again and make a list of all the things you need to do. Then place No.1 next to all the jobs that are a priority. Put No.2 next to jobs that are important, but not as urgent. Finally, write No.3 next to jobs that can be done at any time.

This will help you see clearly what needs to be done and in what order. Once you have allocated the numbers you will start to feel less overwhelmed. You can then start working on the Priority jobs. Be happy with the confidence that you are carrying out your work in an organised way.


Inspiration - Achieve Your Goals

We all need inspiration to help us achieve our goals.

Following systems and doing things in the correct order are important foundations. But using inspiration can help us to keep going and to keep making bold steps forward.

Who or what is your inspiration? Do you know?

When you know the answer to this question, it can help you in so many ways. Because when you have those frustrating days, your goals seem so far away. You can turn to your inspiration. It can kickstart your enthusiasm and interest in what you are doing again.

It reminds you that goals are achievable, and maybe one day you will be an inspiration for others!

Here is Part 1, in case you missed it last week!

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to connect with who, or what, inspires you! :)

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