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Time Management Ideas can help you achieve your goals in Life. If your goals are realistic, they will always be achievable. But if you cannot manage your time, you are always going to be chasing your tail! Here are some Time Management Ideas to help keep you on track.

Part 1


Procrastination - Time Management Idea

We all have bad habits. It does not matter how perfect we think we may be. But we all do something that is not in our best interests. Maybe you are a master procrastinator and you do not even know it.

Are you subconsciously putting things off? Do you do things tomorrow, when you could have done them today?

Next time you catch yourself putting something off, realise what it is that you are doing. Take ownership of it and assess it.

Ask yourself why you are doing this? If it is because you are being lazy then you have no excuse. Go ahead and do the task right now! I had to clean my oven today. Did I want to do it? Absolutely not 🙂 But I pushed myself and did it anyway. I felt so much better afterward and was glad that I had forced myself to get on with it. It was another thing off my list.

If you feel like you need to work on this, here are some more ideas to stop procrastination and have more time for you!

Write Them Down

If you want to achieve goals, you need to write them down. When we are not organised, we can waste time rushing around from one thing to the next. And when it comes to your goals, you need to be as super organised as you can be.

By writing them down you know exactly what you want to achieve. Next time you start feeling like you are losing time, or you are feeling lost – you need to look at your written goals. They will reignite your original energy and enthusiasm.

Mentor Inspiration

Coaching - The Leslie Link

Sometimes it is difficult to remain on track. We find ourselves wasting precious time. Your goals start to become distant memories. When you start feeling like this, you can end up feeling completely overwhelmed.

But you do not need to stay in this strange limbo position. A Life Coach can provide valuable insight and structure to your goals. They can help you break them down into doable mini-projects.

When this system has been put in place you will find you can focus on what is important. You will achieve your goals quicker and with less stress. Want to find out how Coaching can help you, contact me here and we can have a chat!


This is one of my favourites and something I do on a daily basis.

I cannot think, relax or write unless my surroundings are clean and tidy. I feel like all the mess is inside my head. When everything is in its place I am not distracted, and everything is clear.

It also saves me loads of time, as I know exactly where I can find anything and everything. I am not obsessive with it, things do not have to be straight! 🙂 But they do need to be in their set location.

If you are not the tidiest of people, give it go. Try it for a few days and notice the difference. How much time did you save? I would love to know.

The Leslie Link is a caring and sharing community.

Feel free to share this post with a family member or friend that you think will enjoy it. Check out more Time Management Ideas in Part 2 next Friday!

Have a great weekend!


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