We are always looking to save time throughout our day, to fit everything in, like a mini jigsaw puzzle. But it does not need to be that stressful. If you can start changing a few little things each day and become more organised. This will have a huge impact on your life.
I am a very organised person, but I know for some people it does not come easy and for some, it can even seem boring. But the time that you can save by organising yourself, gives you more time to do the things you love to do!

 Easy Tips To Save Time


Easy Tips To Save Time


1) Stop Wasting Time and Turn off the TV.

Have one day of not binge.watching on Netflix or watching rubbish TV all night. It is so easy to settle down on the sofa, turn on the box and the next thing you know, you have been there for hours. Of course, TV is great to relax to and chill out. But if you do it every night X by the number of hours you watch…that is a long time! So promise yourself to turn off the TV at least one night a week and save time.


2) Do one thing at a time

Many of us multi-task and find it can help us get several things done at the same time. Without you realising it, this is stressing you out. Not only that but if you do one thing at a time, more care and attention is given to each item. Try it and you will be amazed at the result.


3) Ditch the things in your life that you do not like

I am by no means suggesting that you should ditch your partner when they annoy you 🙂 But you can have a look at everything you do in your life. Are there some things you do each day, week or month, that you do not like doing? If it is something that is not necessary, ditch it. You are using up precious time, doing something you do not enjoy. Use that time to do something you love!


4) Get the simple Things Finished First

When you feel stressed with all the things you need to do in a day. Get the simple things done first and get them out the way. Having 10 things to do, can then become 3 and you can start feeling like it is more manageable.

5) Make food and freeze it

It may seem obvious, but many of us forget. Next time you make a dish that you can freeze, make sure that you make extra. Then you can pop it in the freezer and you have a healthy, ready-made meal. Perfect for those times when you have had a long day at work. The meal is already cooked and it will save you time and stop you ordering an unhealthy takeaway.


6) Do several chores in one car journey

Taking the car out and doing the chores, can sometimes feel like a chore in itself! But if you can combine chores you need to do, it is possible to get several things done in one car journey. Not only saving time but expensive petrol as well. Next time you head out to the car, think about what else you need to do outside. Can you do several things and get them out of the way? Plan your journey ahead, so you do not get side-tracked.


7) Write shorter emails

Most of us have to send emails daily if our work involves computers. We may also write emails to our friends and family as well. Add up all the emails that you send every week and you will find that it all adds up to a huge amount of valuable time. Next time you start writing that email, see if you can cut your message by half and save time instantly.


 8) Say No

If you are like me, I am happy to undertake several projects at once. But everybody has a limit to what they can do. Before you know it, you may have over-promised yourself to several projects and find you are shuffling things to fit it all in. Know your limit and stick to them. Next time somebody asks you to do something, think about what you are already doing and assess if you can. If you are busy, say no. Nobody knows unless you highlight this to them.


 9) Prepare things the night before

Put some time aside to prepare your books, clothes, lunch before you go to bed at night. That way, when you wake up in the morning you are not under pressure, running around looking for things.


 10) Start the morning 20 mins earlier

This one is difficult for me, as I love my bed. But even I can do it, so you can as well! Set your alarm clock 20 mins earlier. You will wake up thinking Argghhhh!, but after you have had a shower and a cup of coffee/tea, you will feel so much better. A great start to the day!

So all you have to do now is start taking a few of these easy tips to save time and put them into action. Enjoy the extra time you will have as a result!


Need further help in managing your time. Start a To-Do List, here is a short guide on how to get started. https://www.theleslielink.com/the-to-do-list-that-works/

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