Organisation is key to getting things done. However, in this modern world, it’s sometimes difficult to even find the time to sit down and have a break…

Luckily I am a very organised person. I like to know where things are, so I can find them quickly when I need them. When things “are in their correct place” my mind feels less cluttered. I can concentrate on more critical issues.


The easiest and most efficient way to organise yourself is to make a To-Do List.

The word “list” makes some people switch off straight away. But it does not need to be boring or indeed complicated. You can even call the To-Do List something else; nothing is set in stone. If you can give it a name that means something to you, it might not seem so daunting. A fun name is even better!

A To-Do List is a basic list of the things that you need to do that day, or a week, or month. Simply…when you have completed an item on your list, you place a line through it. Be happy that it is now finished! It is very satisfying to see your List diminish, as you start marking off each completed item.

You can be super organised with your To-Do List when you write the things down in order of priority. Starting at the top, list the most important or urgent things you need to do. Then following on from this, work your way down to the bottom. However, you must complete the tasks, in the order, you have written them down. This is a hardcore organisation, so if you are not confident at the beginning, work your way up to this type of List.

The wonderful thing about To-Do Lists is that they do not have to be an annoying chore. They are a secret key to getting things done. Try at the beginning with a list for a month. Then gradually work your way up to a weekly and then a daily one.

In Conclusion

You will be amazed by how many things you can complete. When the List is made, you will also find that you have gained more free time. The feeling of having a completed To-Do List in your hand is pretty cool.

If you want to get creative, try helping your friends or family members create their To-Do List.

Spread the word! Get things done!

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