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A SWOT analysis is so versatile. It is useful for business, but you can also use one on yourself. Can you honestly say you know what your strengths and weaknesses are right now?

If you don’t, then read this article to find out how it can help your personal development.


What Is A SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT Analysis is a straightforward tool that can help you determine where you are in your life. It can also give you guidance on what you need to do, to help you reach somewhere else in your life.

The information you can glean from a personal analysis can do wonders for your confidence.

When you know where you are in life, you can proceed on the right track for you. Sometimes it might not be the way you thought you had to go. So the results can be surprising but fun!

The Four Sections Of A SWOT Analysis

You can download and print off this free personal SWOT Analysis template so that you can fill in the sections.

A SWOT Analysis comprises of four different areas: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

So, what do you need to fill in the sections? Well, here is a breakdown of the four sections, which explains what you need to do.

Internal Factors

The first two squares are Strengths and Weaknesses and are internal factors.


In the strengths square, write down what you know, you are good at doing.

Think about what is unique to you.

What assets and attributes do you bring to the table? Is there something that people always comment on that is great about you?

These are the things you can write in the Strengths section. When you have finished this section, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many things you are good at.

You can use this section to give you a boost when you have a bad day. Also, use it to shine. These are the things you are good at, so use them!


This square is always interesting. It is a square that can give you incredible insights.

Don’t be frightened of the weaknesses square.

What are your weaknesses? Could you be missing some resources? What do you think other people think about your weaknesses? Once you have written everything down, think about how you can improve your weaknesses.

Are there courses you can do to improve this square? Can you ask for help from somebody, or buddy up with a partner? Do you think you are not portraying yourself in the right way?

Use this square and flip it around to improve yourself.

External Factors

The two bottom squares, Opportunities and Threats, relate to external factors that can still affect you. Once again, take the time to think about the questions and fill in the appropriate answers.


The opportunities square is an exciting one.

It is the square where you can write anything that is a possibility for you in the future. The information in this square can relate to the near future or the distant future.

What opportunities (look upon them as open doors) are available to you right now? How can you use this opportunity to help you?

Also, look back at your strengths. Can you use something there to help you create new opportunities?

The opportunity square is exciting and can help you push forward with your dreams and achieve success.


The final square is the threat square. Once again, don’t be scared by the name of it.

Threats are essential things to know.

Think about the things you are doing or want to do; is there any danger physically or mentally? What about your competitors – do you know who they are? Also, think about your weaknesses, could these open you up to any external threats?

There will always be external threats, but if you can be proactive, it will help to minimise any danger.

In Conclusion: SWOT Analysis

Personal Development is all about checking and rechecking, who you are and where you want to go. A SWOT Analysis is easy to use and can give you answers to those annoying questions in your head. Download the free template above and get started on finding out more about you!

Thanks for reading the blog post! I hope that the template can help you. Drop us a message below the blog post, to let me know how it worked.

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