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I was very excited when Mind Valley approached me to review their Super Brain Masterclass created by world-famous brain performance expert Jim Kwik. Mind Valley has made some significant moves in the personal development field. The result has been the creation of some fantastic courses that are genuinely helping people with their personal growth. 

This time I am reviewing the Superbrain Quest from Jim Kwik. Top companies like Nike, Virgin, and Harvard have used his skills. I completed the free Masterclass and was pleasantly surprised to find how interesting it was. It also helped me learn some new things and learn a couple of techniques. I highly recommend completing the free Masterclass. Here is the full review of my experience.

If you want to go straight ahead and experience what I did, sign up for the free Super Brain Masterclass. 

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The Superbrain Quest is a 30-day accelerated learning program to help you activate your brain. The program can help you improve your memory, focus, and productivity. The term “superhuman productivity” sounds incredible. It made me feel very excited because, at The Leslie Link, we love anything to do with time management. 

The program teaches you different ways to unlock your Superbrain. These techniques are not shown in school. The creator, Jim Kwik, dedicated 25+ years of his life to developing these tools to help people unlock their genius and brainpower. He teaches hacks and techniques that you can use wherever you are daily.

Who Can Benefit From Superbrain?

I would say this program is for anybody that wants to improve their career. Here are some examples. 1) any business professional who wants to manage his time better, 2) an entrepreneur who wants to retain his focus when a million things are going on at the same time, or 3) a student who wants to find a way to make their studying more manageable. 

But Super Brain could work for anybody who wants to improve their memory retention and productivity. Also, anybody who is interested in personal growth. Jim Kwik has also helped many celebrities who all recommend his outstanding skills. Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and the cast from the X-Men (to help remember their lines!), to name a few.

Who Is Superbrain creator Jim Kwik?

Jim Kwik is an expert in accelerated learning, brain performance, memory improvement, and speed reading. He has also been a trainer for top companies like Nike, Virgin, and Harvard. He is now one of the leading memory coaches. He was known as “the boy with the broken brain” because he had learning disabilities following a head injury at the age of 5.

After suffering another head injury when he was older, which also affected him, he had an epiphany about learning. He realised that we are all taught the same things in school. But we are never taught now to learn. He then went off on a personal journey to discover how. He now shares his experiences and skills with others via his course.

How Does Superbrain work?

It is a 30-day online course broken down into several different areas. It is necessary to attend the course every day to understand and benefit from Jim’s expertise fully. If you don’t have the time or have problems with commitment, the course is probably not for you. However, it is so valuable I would recommend doing it and seeing it through to the end.

You can try out the free masterclass first and see if it is of interest to you. I recommend watching the video to the end as the two techniques you learn are outstanding.

What areas does Superbrain cover?

The main course is in eight sections, so you know where you are at each stage. This theme is also noticeable in the free masterclass as Jim always lets you know what is happening next. Here are the different sections, with a few items Jim covers in each area.

  • Part 1 – Welcome To The Fundamentals

How to memorise any chunk of info, Jim’s story, factors that affect your memory 

  • Part 2 – Lifestyle

Removing negative thinking from your life, the connection between sleep and stress

  • Part 3 – Remembering Long Lists

A powerful memory strategy, “chain linking”, breaking free from education

  • Part 4 – Remembering Names

How to remember any name, the FDR technique, putting techniques into your body

  • Part 5 – Vocabulary and Languages

The ultimate tip for learning any language, expanding your vocabulary

  • Part 6 – Memorising Speeches and Texts

No.1 prep tip before you think about a speech, 3-step process to never forget points

  • Part 7 – Numbers

Remembering long numbers, recalling numbers

  • Part 8 – Lifestyle Integration

Learning how to use everything from the course and use it every day

Is there a free version?

Yes, there is, and I’ve tried it out. I 100% recommend doing the free SuperBrain Masterclass, as I did, so you can see what it is like before you buy it. Put the time aside, use a headset and listen to Jim. It’s easy to follow and very interesting. He also shares incredible stories about his life and how his course has helped people.

The masterclass is free, so it’s worth doing. You can experience how Jim explains things and see if it fits your learning style. I found him very pleasant, and he explained things very clearly. I felt after watching the free masterclass that I had learned something valuable. I only wish I had known it 20 years ago!

What is the cost of the Superbrain course?

The cost of the entire 30-day course is $399. I think that is an incredible price for the amount of information, skills, and knowledge you can gain. Also, Mind Valley sometimes offer discounts on this price. Alternatively, you can sign up for a monthly account with Mind Valley and gain access to this course and many more. But don’t forget to try the free Masterclass first.

My Final Assessment 

I would say that the Superbrain course is worth it. I worked through the free masterclass and was surprised by its value. It does take over an hour to complete, so make sure you set some time aside to do it properly. But I learned two excellent techniques in the free Superbrain Masterclass, which I will continue to use forever. 

This course is perfect if you want to work on your memory, increase your focus, or improve your productivity. Jim Kwik is very likeable, and for me, that made a huge difference in retaining what he said. In terms of personal development, I can see how this course could change people’s lives to improve some key areas in their lives.

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