There are many ways to find success in life and gentle exercise is an excellent way to achieve your goals. Even if you are not the most athletic of people, everybody can do gentle exercise.
The beauty of gentle exercise is that as it is not strenuous, over time you can improve in the exercise itself. You will find that you have achieved success by progressing in the exercise you are doing. When you reach that point were you know you have “levelled” up, it is a feeling of empowerment and success.
At that particular moment, you need to take that feeling and internalise it. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. This will create a momentum inside of you that you cannot stop. If you achieved this, imagine what else you can achieve in life.
So what forms of gentle exercise can help you do this?


Walking to Success

Walking is the ultimate gentle exercise. Not only can anybody do it and at differing speeds, it is completely free. You can also pretty much walk anywhere. Well…do not set off into the Australian bush, as if you are not prepared we may never see you again, it´s a big place! is a very interesting app. They are “dedicated to encouraging workplace wellness and physical activity. We aim to label the world for calorie burn – starting with its stairs”. You could start this at your business or even recommend it to your boss You can walk on your own, walk with others or even walk your dog – Woof! Woof! It is a way to clear your thoughts, to breathe in some fresh air and at the same time lose some weight or tone up. Grab yourself a Pedometer. They are a great way to measure your steps each day. You can also set yourself a daily/weekly target, so that you have something to aim for. Having a target to aim for, is just the same as in life. When you start hitting your step targets, it will build your confidence. You really can do anything, if you put your mind to it. So what are you waiting for, grab those trainers and get walking!  

Lift v. Stairs – The Ultimate Battle


We have all been there, you have this major decision many times during your life. Do you take the lift of the stairs? You can almost see the little Angel and Devil sat on your shoulders, arguing away.
Sometimes it depends on how tired we are, the mood we are in, if we are with other people. But you can make a choice. Some people may not class this as gentle exercise, but it can be. You are in charge of how fast you walk up, or down the stairs. You can stop at any time you want. There is no law that says you have to keep going till you collapse. Take your time.
If it is a question of time and you think the lift will be faster, you would be wrong. Students, at the University of South Carolina, Aiken, discovered it can take twice as long! The wait being the main cause of the delay.
Somebody who opts for the stairs, will feel the benefit and it will spur them into action. Taking the healthy option, gives you confidence and increases your energy. These are two great attributes to help you achieve success.
The health benefits of using the stairs are tremendous. The University of New Mexico found that you can burn 15 calories when climbing 3 flights of stairs. On an average flight of stairs being 12 steps. Even two flights of stairs climbed per day, can lead to an amazing 6 lbs of weight loss over one year.
So next time you decide between the Lift and Stairs, make the wise choice.




Yoga is not only for middle-aged women who wear glasses and drink green tea. But Yoga is for everybody! It is a very progressive form of exercise. Over time you can see how your body becomes more flexible. This in turn creates a feeling of accomplishment and confidence. Some massage therapists claim regular Yoga is so good for the body, it can put them out of business !
It is not always necessary to go to a class. Although, if you can find one near you, it is nice to have the benefit of being a group. But in the beginning, there are some very good Yoga videos that you can play through your Tablet or PC at home.
So go on, create your quiet Yoga area at home.  Then work your way through this video for complete beginners.


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