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Stop procrastination. It is very easy to be lazy. We have a list of things to do, but we decide we can do them later. Then later. Later. Then Never. Then 3 weeks later we remember that we did not do it and it can cause an annoying problem. We all do it 🙂

But if it becomes a habit and you start “putting things off” you will find that you have a long list of unfinished tasks.




How Can We Stop Procrastination And Improve Our Lives?




The Things We Do Not Like Doing

First, we need to be honest with ourselves and look at the things that we need to do. Make a list of the things that are outstanding. Is there something on that List that we do not like doing at all? If there is, you need to make a hard decision. If it is important, pass it on to somebody who can do it for you and will be happy doing it. Or if it is not that important, delete it from your List and never put it on your To-Do List ever again. Problem solved.
Once you have dealt with these items, you can move on to the next action you need to take.


Look at the rest of the List and create a new List, listing the more urgent at the top. Work your way down the list, placing the tasks in order of priority.
It is a List personal to you. Because of this, it should be easy for you to List these in an order of priority. From Most Urgent down to Need to Do, at the bottom. This action can be very rewarding. It can give you a feeling of organisation. Also an understanding that of all the things you need to do, they are not as bad as you thought 😉
Entrepreneurs understand the importance of Time Management and prioritising their Work. Check out my article that gives you more advice on this.



Make Two Separate Lists :- Quick & Easy and Slow & Difficult

Take the prioritised List you have created and rewrite it into two separate, smaller Lists. But still in order of priority.

The Quick & Easy List is a list of the items that you know you can do within 15 minutes. 15 minutes is not a long time. Imagine how many items you can complete in a few hours.

The Slow & Difficult List will comprise the rest of the items from your original List.

Now you have two separate Lists of all the things you have to do. You can now see clearly, what is urgent and what is not. Also, you have insight into which tasks can be done quickly and which ones will take longer.



Action The Lists To Stop Procrastination!

The final step.
When you have time free, take both your Lists and pick a task you need to do and do it! On completion mark it off your List. Keep doing this, and you will find that you have more free time for you!

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