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It can be hard to stay positive during a job search when you get rejections. The Health Foundation found that 43% of unemployed people in the UK in January 2021 were suffering from mental health issues, including depression.  This percentage was lower for people who were employed or were receiving financial help.

You might have tried everything you can to secure your next job, but it’s hard to receive yet another rejection. It can feel like two steps forward and six steps backwards. But staying positive can help you secure your next job and handle rejections more easily.

So what can you do to keep your spirits up?

Try out these job searching tips to stay upbeat and happy till you find the perfect job for you!


A plan is one of the foundational stones for any personal development quest. If you have any goal or aspiration in life, it is far easier to achieve when you have a plan. Take the time to sit down and write out what you want and want you must do to get it. So, if you are looking for a new job, you need to be clear on what job you want and how you will secure it.

Throwing yourself into job searching combat mode without a plan is asking for trouble. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

A plan can be something as simple as writing down the answer to a few relevant questions. Try answering these questions and see the real difference in your job searching approach. It might take you 30 minutes, but it will save you so much time in your job search.

  • What jobs would you like to do?
  • What jobs do you not want to do?
  • Take the list of the ones you like and separate them into two lists – Which jobs do you already have the skills to do right now? – Which jobs require further education?
  • Then decide from the two lists which job you would like to do.

If the job is from the 1st list, you can search for specific jobs that match it. Don’t stray from this type of job and get distracted. If the job is from the 2nd list, you can research how and where you need to learn the new skill.

It might all seem like a lot to do before you start sending out your cover letter and CV. But in reality, it isn’t. It is giving you total clarity on what you want and how you are going to get there.

When you have a plan, you can feel more positive. If you get a rejection, there is still a positive result to come your way.

Stick with the plan, and you will get there. It might take a few weeks or months, but the important thing is that you find a job that you want to do. You can stay positive during the job search, knowing that you will secure the job.

Set Up A Routine

2. Start a Job Search Routine

Randomly sending out a few CVs to jobs is not going to cut it. You need to set up a job searching routine that keeps you focused and on track. A set routine can help you achieve things more quickly and easily. Your routine needs to be personal to you. Otherwise, you will find it hard to follow and will lose interest.

A job searching routine is an excellent personal development tool.

It helps you to be consistent and achieve short and long term goals. Also, you can use a routine for other areas of your life. You can gain real benefits as it pushes you further in your development.

Stay Positive During a Job Search by Creating a Routine

Although your routine will be personal, you can consider the following areas to make it successful:

  • Set time aside every day to search the job boards, LinkedIn, and utilise other networking sites, to look for relevant jobs.
  • Set up a spreadsheet or other mechanism to record which companies you have sent your CV/resume to and for which job.
  • Update your spreadsheet every time you have a response, no response, etc. This tracking will help you to notice any specific trends.

It might seem like boring work, but recording and tracking your progress can help make you more resilient. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a plan and routine take form and work for you. Instead of wondering what to do next, you know what you have to do. This persistence and focus will help you to secure a job.

Me Time

3. Schedule in “Me” Time to Stay Positive During Your Job Search

You can get tired when you are looking for a new job. You are networking, “checking things out”, and always trying to keep your finger on the pulse. Rejections will happen, and you have to keep going until you get that job.

But, as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

It doesn’t matter if your name is not Jack. Too much work is never good. Remember how important it is to take a time out. A day or afternoon off, not thinking about CVs, interviews, and jobs, can revitalise you.

Stay Positive During a Job Search by Switching Off

So what can you do to relax and recharge your brain?

Pretty much anything, if it involves getting away from your PC. It doesn’t have to be a hardcore form of exercise. A 30-minute walk in the fresh air can do wonders to destress you. Or, if you like to do something a bit stronger, hop on your bike, go for a long run or burn off some steam at the local swimming pool.

Everybody has a different way to relax and switch off.

So make sure you do something that you enjoy and not what somebody else tells you to do. You can then come back to your job search full of beans and raring to go. It will feel far better than slogging through your 10th job application without taking a well-earned break.


4. Gather Positive Information About Your Performance

So you’ve received another rejection after an interview and you’re feeling pretty down. But you don’t need to be. The simple fact that you managed to get an interview is super positive.

Think about all the people out there who were trying to get the same job. Your application was so good you were whittled down to the chosen few for the interview.

Flip a rejection after an interview into a positive.

Please get back in touch with the person/people who interviewed you and ask them for feedback on your interview. You can glean so much information. It can change your last interview into an information paradise.

These Questions Are Gold

  1. Ask them about the highlights of your interview?
  2. Ask them where you need to gain more experience?
  3. Did they like your interview style/technique?
  4. Lastly, ask them if there was anything else you could have done differently?

The answers to these four questions can turn your Skoda interview into a sparkling Lamborghini one. (Sorry, Skoda!).

You will know what is great about your interview/skills and which areas you need to improve upon or learn. Also, you will find out how successful your interview technique is and if there is anything you need to change. You could also use an interview coach to help you with your interview/presentation skills.

The last question gives you some extra secret information. It is like having access to insider knowledge. The answer could be an incredible piece of information that can sky-rocket your interviews!

Think Positive

Happy Takeaways to Keep You Going

  • Create a plan that will help you find the right job for you.
  • Start using a routine that works for you.
  • Schedule “me” time so your brain can have a well-earned break.
  • Get detailed information to help you improve.

These tips can help you to stay positive during a job search. Searching for a job can take some time, but these will make it so much easier for you. Keep in mind that there is a job out there for you that matches you perfectly. You don’t have to search for a job and view it as a daily grind. Look at it as a personal development adventure. Who knows where you will end up, and how exciting is that!

It would be great to hear about your job search tips and tricks. Please scroll down and leave a comment. Also, don’t forget to share this article with colleagues, family, and friends who can benefit from it.

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