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As coronavirus sweeps the globe, many of us are now finding ourselves in lockdown. If working from home is not an option for you, you need to think of ways to avoid boredom. In a lockdown, the first few days are an adjustment. But as time goes on, how can you stay motivated during a coronavirus lockdown?

Stay Motivated During A Coronavirus Lockdown

This current situation is not the first time that people have had to go into lockdown. In 1665, during the Great Plague, Cambridge University closed, and Isaac Newton made his way home. During this time, he invented calculus, understood the laws of motion and after seeing an apple fall from a tree, discovered the law of gravity.

You might not be Isaac Newton. But he is an inspiration.

Use this lockdown time to be productive.

You can try new things. Do those things you never seem to have the time to do. Also, you could complete those annoying things that you never finish!

Let’s face it; there are only so many Netflix series you can binge-watch! Plus, if you keep eating those snacks and biscuits with your tea… well…

So, what can you do in your lockdown? Try these four very different ideas!


Use Your PC To Help Fight Coronavirus

Imagine if you were able to contribute to fighting coronavirus. How motivational is that! Well, it is certainly possible if you are a PC Gamer. If World Of Warcraft or Counter-Strike is your thing, your gaming PC can help.

You can donate unused GPU computing power to help fight the disease.

All you need to do is download an application called Folding@home. This computing project for disease research uses idle processing power to help speed up its computations.

It sounds amazing if you are not techy, but it is entirely true. You gamers out there can do your bit to help fight coronavirus. Download the app and let it work through the night.


Take An Online Course And Stay Motivated During A Coronavirus Lockdown

Gone are the days of having to attend a course in person. The internet gives you unlimited opportunities to do a course online.

Some courses give you lifetime access, others you need to download, and some may have a time limit for completion. You can even do master’s degrees. The possibilities are endless.

But assuming that you will not be in lockdown forever, how about trying a short course to help fill the time. It could be an academic course, related to work or even something that connects with your passions and interests.

Try out these sites and see which ones work best for you, so that you can stay motivated during a coronavirus lockdownAlison Courses, Hubspot, Udemy


Declutter Your Home – At Last

Remember that drawer or even that cupboard? You know…the one where all your “clutter” goes. Now is the best time to tackle it. You can’t put it off anymore!

Motivate yourself to take action and do it.

Here is how you can fix it in a few easy steps.

  • Open the drawer/cupboard etc. and assess the damage.
  • Take everything out.
  • Clean the area.
  • Next, you need to sort through the items you have removed. Place them into three separate piles.
  • 1st pile for items that need to be thrown away.
  • 2nd pile for things you need to put in a better location.
  • 3rd pile for things that will go back in the drawer/cupboard etc.
  • Once you have sorted your piles and actioned them, you will have an organised space, and it won’t be bugging you anymore.

Read, Read And Then Read Some More!

Reading a book is one of life’s great pleasures. A lockdown is a perfect time to finish that book; you had no time to read. Or even start one you have always wanted to. You can learn so much from reading, and it can truly enrich your life.

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have laboured hard for.”


So, pick up that book, grab a tea or coffee, and settle down to read. Enjoy every word and relax…

In Conclusion

At this stage, it seems imposing a lockdown has worked for China. Consequently, many countries are now following their lead in an attempt to prevent the disease from spreading. Hopefully, the lockdowns will help save lives, especially the elder members of our society.

A lockdown does not have to feel restrictive or boring. It can be an opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Stay Motivated During A Coronavirus Lockdown and see start seeing things from a more positive perspective.


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