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Who can start walking?…you might cheekily ask yourself…. You can! Start walking and increase your motivation right now. It is very easy for us to become tired and uninterested in activity, when we have been working all day. After a hard days work, curling up on the sofa and watching the television, seems a great option. But if this is you, it is time to start thinking in a different way.

It does not matter what else you do during the day. You might work in an office and are sat in front of a computer all day. Or your work is in the service industry and you have to help customers in stressful situations. Or you could be a stay at home dad/mum, who is working hard looking after the children and the home. Whatever you do, we all have moments when it is hard to keep motivated.
But we all also have the option of doing some walking into our lives and give our own motivation a jump start. It is not as hard as you think!
Decide today that you will start walking and get started!

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What Does Walking Involve?

So what is walking? It can be anything that involves making steps. Even if you can only manage 5 minutes a day. The next time you can aim for 10 minutes and so on. In an ideal world, you are looking to get to at least 30 minutes of walking each day. If you end up doing more, this is great. But a regular amount of 30 minutes, is a great benchmark and attainable.
Do not look upon it as a chore, look forward to it. You are going to be outside in the fresh air. You will meet people you know on your walking travels and possibly you might make new friends. Every day will be different. Once you start walking often, you will have a feeling of excited anticipation.


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Where Can I Walk?

You can walk anywhere. There is no hard and fast rule. That is why walking can be for everybody. Either walk alone, of with somebody else if this is easier for you. Chose to take the stairs instead of the lift. If it is a nice day, park your car further away, so you manage a few extra steps. Treat your dog to more walks or offer to take a friend’s dog, if you do not have one 🙂
If you are alone, you may prefer to walk with somebody else. There are great websites online, that provide more detailed information. For example, if you are in the UK, check out  You can input your postcode and it will tell you where is the nearest group and the health benefits of walking.
Here are some more ideas about gentle exercise, that can motivate you to achieve success.


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Why Should I Start Walking?

Over time you will notice a difference in your stamina. Your muscles with feel toned and you may even lose some weight in the process.
Brian Syuki, at Focus Fitness, wrote a great article about the benefits of walking every day.  
I loved point 14), which talks about walking improving your mood. He says that “Walking can actually get you motivated to work or exercise.” Also point 17) where he mentioned that walking makes it easier for you, to reach your goals.
Walking is a great life choice 🙂
You can enjoy it both physically and mentally and this will motivate you to achieve other things in your life. Start walking and increase your motivation!

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When Can I Start Walking?

Right now! Is the simple answer. Start walking and increase your motivation. There is no reason why you cannot get started. If there is, it better be a good one! 🙂
Sometimes we have to look at our lives and figure out where we can fit in a short walk. It only needs to be 5 minutes in the beginning, if you are new to exercise. Everybody is different and everything is possible. So work to your own timetable. As soon as you start setting some time aside and start walking, you will enjoy it more. It will become something that you look forward to, as opposed to another thing to do in your day.
If you still need inspiration to get started, check out my article on procrastination!
This will help! 🙂



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