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We might not always know how to advance our careers, but one thing is sure –  soft skills can help you. I recently interviewed Mary Despe, a career influencer with over 20 years of recruitment experience. She shared her thoughts on soft skills, career trends and personal development.

Here are some highlights from the interview with Mary Despe. If you would like to watch the video, you can find it below the highlights.

Key Soft Skills

Soft skills are essential abilities at work. These skills help you communicate effectively. They are useful for working with other people in a team. Also, if you need to manage people.

There are different skills, ranging from communication skills to emotional intelligence.

Communication is one of the vital soft skills.  Learning to communicate well can help you adapt to different audiences and styles.

When you use communication skills correctly, you can:

  1. convey difficult feedback without upsetting a colleague
  2. motivate a team
  3. persuade people on your argument/position

Career Trends in 2020

We discussed the current trends in the career industry. There is a definite trend in job seekers promoting themselves. It is akin to developing themselves as a brand. There is also greater importance of networking sites such as LinkedIn. Job seekers are showing independent initiative to further their careers.

Audiobooks are an excellent tool for personal development. Watch the video to find out how many Mary listens to every year. You’ll be surprised and it might inspire you!

The Leslie Link Interview with Mary Despe

It was great to speak with Mary to find out more about the latest career trends. You can find further information about Mary on her website. She can give you expert advice on recruitment and help you reach your career goals!

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