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Save Time With Your Little Password Book


Why Do We Need A Little Password Book To Save Time?

We are all looking to save time every day, so we can use this time for better things. So we can spend more quality time with our family and friends.

It can be annoying, when we end up wasting our precious time trying to remember passwords! Most of our work is now on the internet, we end up having 20+ username and passwords, for the different sites we use.
If I counted up all the hours I spent trying to remember my passwords, I am sure it would be a year of my life 🙂 All that time. Asking to reset the password via the website. Verifying my email address over and over again. Thinking of a new password etc.



Inspiration From The Older Generation

I know of people that have used Password Sites to store their passwords. Or they create a document on their computer and then lose the password for the computer. Or some people even have their own system. There are even websites where you can generate a memorable password. Then you use the same system for every new password.

Then one day I was at my parents house and I saw my Dad using a little book. I was so curious, I asked him what it was. He explained that they were so annoyed, trying to remember their passwords. As a result, they had decided to put them all in a book. To save time.
I questioned the security of this, but then realised that it was pure genius. Sometimes going back to basics, is the simplest answer to an annoying problem.

Save Time With A Little Notebook - The Leslie Link


Using Your Little Password Book

Go ahead a buy your little password book. You might even have a little notebook that has not been used yet. This could be the perfect time to put that book into action. My little book is about 8cm x 14 cm and on each page I put a basic heading. e.g. Bluehost, for my Hosting Company and list all the email addresses and passwords. If I want to List some details for something else, I always use a new heading. That way it is easier to find the login and password I am looking for.

Store your password book in a safe place. Please make sure that it somewhere that you will not forget. We have all put things in “safe places”, never to be found again 🙂 Also, keep it in this place. Then every time that you need it, you know where it is.


Experience - The Leslie Link - Save Time

My Experience So Far

Since using my password book, I have saved so much time. I have no more situations trying to remember passwords. Or spending hours of time resetting passwords etc.  Every time I work, I take my book and have it by my side. Depending on what I am doing, I always know that any of my passwords are only an arm’s reach away. I have complete piece of mind. When I finish my work, I put it away in its set place.
Sometimes I remember the old days when I had autosaved a password and my computer broke. Or sitting for ages, staring into space, trying to remember an old password. The one that was most annoying was inputting the 3rd attempt of a password, before the site was about to block me. Hoping that I had guessed/remembered right.
Those days are now all gone and I can relax! 🙂


Spreading The News - The Leslie Link - Save Time


Spreading The News

I am so grateful for my parents sharing their neat little tool with me. I encourage you give it a go. I am sure you will love it. Spread the news as well. Imagine how much time we could be saving for everybody. Of course, you will have some people who are set in their ways and will prefer to use their own methods. Everybody can do what they want to do. But if you think this could benefit you, give it a go. I love it and I am not going back!


Future - The Leslie Link - Save Time


The Future

And what about the future of passwords in general?

According to an article entitled Is it time to Ditch the Password? in Computer Business Review by Vince Warrington, they could be on their way out. Check out the full article here.


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