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It is fair to say that our personal and professional lives revolve around relationships.

The new coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has made relationships more important than ever.

Relationships can take different forms – positive, negative, progressive; the list goes on. Everybody has their own unique types.

So, what are the primary relationships that have come to light in 2020? And what could this mean for the future?

The Good


If we are lucky, we can benefit from some excellent relationships. These interactions can vary from person to person.

Deeper Relationships With Family And Friends

We have managed to create deeper relationships with our family and friends. Now we make time to video chat on Skype, Teams, and Zoom.

We laugh more, we relax more and cherish the special time with our loved ones. You now know who is sending the funniest videos when your mobile phone makes a noise.

You also know more about your family and friends. Because people take the time to discuss things in more detail than they ever did before.

Conversations are starting to move away from coronavirus, and other subjects arise. Baking, cooking, gardening, learning about healthy food, and how to do a home haircut safely!

These relationships are developing into something more special than they were before the pandemic.

The Relationship With Yourself

Another key relationship is the one that you have with yourself.

With many people forced into a curfew or lockdown. It was only natural that people would start to look inside themselves and find out who they were.

This introspection has given birth to people doing things they would never have done before. It has created new opportunities and possibilities. Some people have become crafters or taken online courses. While others took some quiet time to stop, meditate, and think.

All these new adventures have helped people learn more about themselves. They now have a better understanding of who they are, their loves, their likes, their dislikes, and their favourite food!

The Bad


Sadly, there is always a downside, and many negative aspects of relationships were placed firmly in the spotlight.

The End Of Some Relationships

Some people in relationships started questioning if they were in the right relationship.

Everybody was so used to having their own time and space. When this all changed people had to spend more time with their partners.

Some people started analysing their relationships and wondered if they still loved each other? Or if they even liked each other?

Dangerous Relationships

People, both adults and children, were placed in dangerous situations, forced to live with people who could potentially harm them.

Domestic violence cases increased throughout the world. Campaigns on FB encouraged people to speak out or to seek help.

Nobody had ever predicted anything like this, and hotlines provided urgent support.

The New Relationships


New Romances

Some of us might have just met somebody before the curfews and the lockdowns started.

This separation resulted in less physical contact and more mental contact. Dating became learning more about each other, by talking or typing on video or mobile.

By the time you start having “proper” dates, you will know more about each other. You are already building a relationship with a strong foundation of friendship and understanding.

New Friends

You have probably found that you are talking with people you have never spoken to before. You are more open to learning about other people.

These people could be new friends in the future. Everybody has a story that you can learn something from.

New Neighbours

We are so used to going home to our little cocoon, our safety bubble, that is called home. But now neighbours have become friends.

Now we look forward to seeing them and giving them a friendly wave or have a nice chat using social distancing.

Our neighbours are showing that they can be there for us. We can also be there for them. Another person to give some extra baking. More security for the neighbourhood. Or simply a helping hand should we ever need it.

For The Rest Of 2020

Personal Development is all about improving ourselves, in all areas of our life. And as you continue through 2020, try and remember this one thing.

You are important.

In a world where everything can change in a single day, it is hard to know what comes next. But our relationships are key.

Look after the best relationships in your life. It will help you to create a better life. After all, life is for living!

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