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It’s not all about you! When you are passionate about personal development, you can get carried away with what you want. But setting relationship goals are also crucial for your development.

People change as they develop, and so can relationships. Eurostat found in 2017 that marriages have been declining and divorce rates have been going up.

So, adding some relationship goals into the mix makes sense. You are adding another dimension to your development that also considers your partner.

Create Goals That Make Sense

When you start creating relationship goals, you need to discuss them with your partner.

The goals need to be mutually beneficial and something you can work towards together.

I am going to give you the areas that you should consider. But the goals themselves need to come from your hearts.

Your relationship goals need to make sense to you.

If they don’t, you have already failed to achieve them. There is no point in following a list of goals from another relationship.

Every relationship is different. What works for you guys might be like an alien language for somebody else.

So, what areas do you need to look at to figure out your relationship goals?

Relationship Goals: Make Them Your Priority

It is effortless to get caught up in your work, your friends and your family. The little bit you have left might be the only bit your partner receives. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Think about the times when your partner was too busy for you.

It hurts.

Well, that is how you make them feel when you are “too busy”.

Make a pact together to make each other a priority in your lives.

Don’t forget to make the goal personal for your relationship. Not every partnership has the benefit of seeing each other frequently. So be reasonable when you set your goal.

Try this quiz from Relate and see if you currently make your relationship a priority.

Relationship Goals: Try New Experiences Together

Self-confidence is essential, but also the relationship you have with your partner is as equally important.

To honour your special relationship with each other, you can also build confidence together.

Try new experiences together regularly.

These shared experiences can make you feel closer than ever before. The experience can also be a great conversation topic on a rainy day stuck at home!

Also, when you have been in a relationship for a while, it can help to dust off the cobwebs. New things are exciting, and it can light a fresh spark in your relationship.

Relationship Goals: Always Talk About Each Other In A Positive Way

Your partner has probably been with you through the bad times and the good times.

So when you negatively talk about them, it cuts to the bone.

Putting them down to their face is wrong. But if you talk negatively about your partner to somebody they know, and in front of them, is inexcusable. It’s embarrassing and far too personal.

So next time you want to splutter out a barbed comment in your partner’s direction, stop and think. Do you want to do it? Probably not. So don’t. Simples.


A relationship can be fantastic if you can nurture it and treat it with respect. Remember to make your partner the priority in your life, try new experiences together, and always talk positively about them.

Relationships are not easy, but you can make them a little more comfortable with a little bit of thought.

Please care and share this article with your colleagues, family and friends. Don’t forget your partner as well 😉

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