Staff Morale Workshop with Donna Blackman


Has the pandemic affected your company morale? A team-building staff morale workshop online can help you get your team back on track. Fun, imaginative and action-packed, your team will love it! Donna Blackman has over 30 years of experience as a teacher and coach in drama, singing, and team-building workshops.

(Max 6 people/2hrs/online)

NB Instructions via Zoom. Group members in 1 location, socially distanced.

  • Compliments Warm-Up (positivity)
  • Blindfolded Discovery Task (breaking down inhibitions)
  • 3m String Communication (enhances problem-solving capabilities)
  • Fun, character-building scenario. Starting as one and then finishing in a happy group of six.
  • Create a group advert using everyone’s ideas and skills.
  • Final fun Cool Down Session.