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Think back to the times after a workout, and you feel tired but super happy you have done it. Plus, you are ready to take on the world by the time you have had a refreshing shower. It’s a lot better than ending your day feeling disappointed and annoyed with yourself for sitting on the sofa. There are lots of popular exercises you can try, so you won’t ever get bored. Here are three options to get yourself moving in 2021.

Popular Exercises - Walking

It’s a bit like the world’s easiest riddle. What popular exercise is easy for everybody? The answer is walking. It is a low-intensity exercise that practically anybody can do. You can do it anywhere, and there is no set time. Walking is even in the Olympics!

The beauty of walking is you can do it by yourself or with family and friends.

It is such a friendly exercise. Unless, of course, you walk so quickly, you have no energy to talk 🙂 You can also enjoy the great outdoors and take in some fresh air. Use this free resource to find walks in the UK.

Quick Circuit Training

Quick Circuit Popular Exercises

I did some circuit training many years ago in a sports hall and talked to the other people afterwards, saying how great it was. Then, I went around the corner and did an unexpected puke. I then vowed never to do circuit training again, as it was brutal. But, don’t be put off by experiences like that. Short bursts of exercise can be beneficial for your body. Plus, perfect to fit inside your busy day/night.

Don’t rule out quick exercise. Circuit training doesn’t have to be just in the gym.

I was so happy to find YouTube videos by Chloe Ting a few months ago. These videos are fantastic to fit into your day and do a quick 10, 15 or 20 min spurt of exercise. After doing them for several weeks, you certainly notice a difference. I can vouch for them and recommend that you try a few out till you find your favourites. I also swim between buoys in the sea until I get tired.

Indoor Cycling Is Huge Right Now

Indoor Cycling - Popular Exercises

So many people took up cycling during lockdowns and loved it so much they continued. Whether you have a Peloton at home or are now attending a cycling class, it is one of the most popular exercises of 2021. “Everesting” became super popular with people climbing the full height of Mount Everest.

Indoor cycling is more modern and interactive.

You can also benefit from interactive screens with cycling instructors urging you to do more. Cycling is a great way to tone your body and lose weight fast. So, look no further if you want to do an exercise where you can see quick results. Before you know it, you will be challenging yourself with different courses to push yourself further.

Popular Exercises – Healthy Takeaways

If you want to stay healthy and fit, you need to exercise as often as you can. It can help you stay trim and make you feel energised, and you don’t need to be a hardcore fitness guru. You only need to do a bit every day to keep on track. Even 30 minutes of exercise is enough. Try out one of the popular exercises to workout to above, or maybe all of them, and find out which one suits you. Before you know it, you will have created a healthy exercise pattern for yourself. So, you won’t have to feel disappointed with yourself anymore, just fit and energised!

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