The plan to lose weight? January… it is here and it is in action! That month that we all dread. All the chocolates have been eaten, even including the coffee ones. We are all assessing how much we did eat over Christmas and the New Year. Our New Year´s resolutions are in place to lose weight and we are determined to stick to them, to get that beach body by the summer. Although there is also another voice in our head saying, “yeah right… I give it till the end of the week and you will fail!”.

Why do you need to use a January Plan to lose weight?

Imagine if you could set some resolutions and actually stick to them. If you could then achieve your weight goals, what a difference it could make to your life.

The simple reason why we need to use a plan is that January sucks!

It is true, everybody is waiting till the end of the month when they have more money. You are back at work, trying to wade through the emails that have gathered in your absence. It just feels like doom and gloom x 5000. The weather is normally rubbish. Everybody seems to be on a downer aft9er an exciting Christmas and New Year of partying and socialising and eating.

But you can get out of this self-imposed “slumber”!


The Secret January Plan To Lose Weight- 5 Easy Steps

  • For once, be really true to yourself. Get on a scale and weigh yourself. You cannot second guess this, you have to have the cold, hard facts to hand. You need to know what you are working with, you need a set amount. Not an imagined weight. When you have weighed yourself, either write it down (if it is not on a print out) or take that print out and put it somewhere safe. i.e. somewhere you will not forget! :
  • Talk to a good friend about your plans to lose weight. I would suggest a friend as opposed to a partner. With a good friend you can be yourself and if you get emotional, they will be there for you. If you speak to your soulmate about this, it may get too emotional. What about all those bags of crisps and sweets you sometimes share together? Not happening in January. Sometimes it is good to keep your weight goals as quiet as possible. When the time is right and you do the big reveal. Not only will you look great, but the impact on those close will be incredibly positive.
  • Walk the Walk ! So you know what you are working with, you have assessed the damage and you have a good friend who can be your soundboard. For those special moments, when the crisps are screaming “Eat me! Eat me!” Now set it in motion. No procrastination. No regrets. Just start!

  • How? The how is really easy, although you probably think it is hard. There are just 2 things you need to do. Eat smaller, healthier meals and exercise. Start doing both gently. Treat your body with respect and ease it in gradually. Anything harder will be too much of a shock to the system.
  • Review It is the end of January and you made it. Firstly, give yourself a pat on the back. Literally! (If you cannot reach, get somebody to do it for you). Go and get weighed and be amazed! Notice some of your clothes are looser and you may even need to replace some already. Excellent!

And finally…

If you enjoyed this and you want to keep going, start all over again for February! Need some inspiration to just get moving. Read my article on gentle exercise which will get you going in no time 🙂

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