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It’s a new year, full of new hope and optimism. You are probably chomping at the bit, wanting to get started. To get you going, here are five easy tips to help you work on your personal development in 2020. Stay on track and improve yourself, starting from today!

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1) Check Your Current Mindset

There are two types of mindset. A fixed mindset and a growth mindset. The original concept came from research conducted by a Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck.

Have you ever stopped to think about yours?

If you have a fixed mindset, you are not interested in learning new things, and you tend to rely on your intelligence. You are determined to solve problems yourself. This unwillingness to learn something new or ask for help can hold you back.

With a growth mindset, you enjoy learning regularly. You believe in dedication and hard work. You know that ultimately all the effort will pay off. This mindset fuels your motivation. Consequently, you can handle problems easier than someone with a fixed mindset.

Can you see the difference? The CEO of Microsoft did. Satya Nadella used this understanding to create a cultural shift in the company. On his Monday Podcast at LinkedIn, called Hello Monday, he explained how he wanted more of the employees to have a growth mindset.

Promise yourself to have a growth mindset. If you find that you slip into a fixed mindset, don’t beat yourself up. Be happy that you noticed and get back to feeling motivated again.

2) Compare 2019 To 2020

So, what worked for you in 2019 and what didn’t? Grab that pen and paper or type a list on your pad/PC. Sometimes seeing it in black and white can make you see things clearer.

Concentrate on the things that worked. If you had been considering doing something that did not work in 2019, can you make it work in 2020? If so, stick with it, if not, eliminate it from your list for 2020.

Sometimes we can be so set on goals for the future we can forget to look at our failures. Failing in something is how we learn. Don’t take it personally, learn from the experience and move on. It will make you a stronger person and help you in your personal development in 2020.

Read Books - The Leslie Link

3) Read Books To Develop Yourself

Reading can give you so many benefits in your life. Not only can you learn new things and open your mind, but it can even lengthen your life.

A health and retirement study carried out by Beeca R. Levy, a professor of epidemiology, and colleagues at Yale University School Of Public Health found that adults who read books lived on average two years longer than those that don’t.

You also have the option to read personal development books specific to your development interests. Here is a recent list from LittleCoffeeFox for the 30 Best Self-Help books to get inspired.

Make your list of books to read in 2020. A great way to learn while you commute.

Weekly Review - The Leslie Link

4) Weekly Review

To make sure that you are staying on track in 2020 you need to do a weekly review at the end of each week. This evaluation will keep you motivated. It will also help you to see which areas you have been slacking on and can concentrate on for the following week.

Don’t look upon the weekly review as an annoying thing to do. Look upon it as an exciting reminder to how you are progressing. Baby steps or little chunks are the way to go. When the baby steps or chunks add up, you will be surprised how far you have come.

If you find that organisation and time management are letting you down, check out this article about Time Management apps. One of these apps could make the difference, and most of them have a free version available, so you will not be out of pocket.

Reward Yourself Regularly

5) Reward Yourself Regularly

Rewarding yourself is an essential part of your development. Everybody needs a little bit of extra motivation to keep going. Even if you have a lot of self-motivation, it will help to give you an extra boost.

If you want, you could incorporate your rewards with your weekly reviews. Then you always have something to look forward to every week. The reward needs to be personal to you. It needs to be something that you know will inspire you to keep going.

Going Forward In 2020

At some point in the year, or even several, we will all have personal issues that need to be dealt with. However, when these situations occur, the key is to remain positive. Everything is possible if you stay committed and honest to yourself.

Wishing you the best of luck in your personal development in 2020!

It would be great to know your plans for 2020, and please feel free to let me know in the comments section of the blog. And if you haven’t already, but would like to receive personal development content directly to your email, please subscribe below for free.


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