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You have probably heard about creating a morning routine to start your day positively. But do you have a night routine as well? What’s that? I hear you say. Yes, it is tempting to binge watch Netflix, brush your teeth and then flop into bed. But putting some time aside before you hit the sack can help you wind down properly and sleep better.

In fact, according to the Sleep Foundation, a night routine can help your internal body clock and your sleep/wake homeostasis. Read on to discover the little things you can do every night to help you relax.

Time is of the essence

Your timing is vital for everything in life. Starting your night routine at the right time and giving yourself enough time are both important elements.

If you start your routine too late, you will feel rushed and not relaxed. A night routine should be what the name suggests. A routine at night that you can follow every night. It might take time to get used to it, but it will become second nature with practice.

You used to have a night routine when you were a kid, so why not now?

Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to leave behind all the cool things of being a kid. By the time you lay down, you will ready to relax and chase your dreams. It is a lot healthier than crawling into bed.

Research in 2019 by Samantha J. Heintzelman and Laura A. King found positive connections between routines and having meaning in your life. Take a step back and think about it. You are giving your body and mind the respect it deserves. View your routine as a special treat, especially for you!

Create A Plan

Step 2 – Sit Down and Plan Tomorrow

You might already have a good idea of what will be happening tomorrow. But is it all planned out? Start your night routine by spending 10 minutes writing down your schedule for tomorrow.

Those 10 minutes are critical for both your nighttime and morning routines. You don’t need to spend more than 10 minutes on this exercise, or your mind will begin to wander. Set out your plan for tomorrow, and then put it aside.

When you sit down and create a plan, it helps you focus on what is important. 

Remember that things can change during your day, but having a plan gives you a clear head start. You can wake up knowing what you need to do. Also, you can sleep like a baby as you won’t be thinking about it when you go to bed.

How many times have you laid in bed thinking about things that will happen tomorrow? Thinking about tomorrow can cause unnecessary stress. Eliminate these thoughts by creating your plan.

Switch Off Your Life

Step 3 – Switch off Your Life

There was a world before mobiles. It is easy for us to forget that. Your tablet, your mobile, the television, everywhere you are looking, there are screens. Research published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that artificial light exposure can affect our internal body mechanisms and might have long-lasting health impacts.

Avoid the temptation to look at your emails, FB feed, or friend’s last message on WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can make a point of not looking at any screen when you enter your night routine. Don’t go back to your mobile or watch another episode on the latest Netflix series. Life is busy enough as it is. So learn to switch off as part of your routine.

If you love messaging, surfing the net and watching television, this might prove a little difficult for you. However, it will all be worth it in the end. Remember that the main aim is to get the best sleep ever. So, ditch the tech and embrace the peace.

Camomile Tea

Step 4 – Enjoy Your Night Routine With the Perfect Cup of Tea

If you are a tea lover, you might already have this great tea in your kitchen cupboard or tea chest. So what is the perfect tea to have before you go to bed? Camomile.  It contains no caffeine and is a natural way to ease you into sleep. This excellent article on The Sleep Judge explains all the benefits of camomile (Chamomile in the US) for a good night’s sleep.

I can vouch for it from personal experience. A good cup of camomile tea always sends me off into a deep sleep.

Not only can it help you go to sleep, but it can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. So next time you have a stressful day, make it your go-to tea. Using it as part of your night routine will start feeling like a bit of luxury. This relatively cheap tea can help to move you into your special sleeping sanctuary.


Step 5 – Get in Your Bed and Wait for the Magic to Happen

By now, you will be feeling more relaxed. There are no distractions, and there is nothing for you to do. You are now getting yourself in the perfect space mentally to go to bed. Lay your head on your pillow and drift off into sleep.

Or, if you are not quite there yet, grab a book. A real book. Not a kindle or your mobile. The simple act of turning the pages and reading the lines will slowly lull you into sleepy mode. Sleep is calling you, and you are ready.

If any thoughts enter your head, bat them away with an imaginary racket and keep your eyes closed.

In no time at all, you will be drifting off to sleep. When you wake up, you will be feeling refreshed and ready to go. You can get up and start your morning routine, safe in the knowledge you already have the day planned out.

Please don’t get complacent and do it for a few days. Please keep it going for a good few months until it is a natural part of your life. You will love the better quality sleep you will gain as a result.

In Conclusion – Zzzzzzzz

Routines don’t have to be boring.

You can use the steps above and create the perfect one to help you drift off to sleep. Level up your life by spending some thought on your night routine. It can change your perspective on everything and give you the “quiet time” you need to relax.

You will sleep far better and wake up with more energy. It is a win-win opportunity to improve yourself and feel some real benefits. Enjoy!

Please let me know how it worked for you in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your colleagues, family, and friends to help them as well. Everybody deserves the best sleep! Best, Sally

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