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Monday Morning can sometimes feel overpowering. It is Sunday night, you are relaxing after your evening meal. Then you realise that tomorrow is the dreaded Monday. You start thinking about your full Inbox of emails and the work you still have to finish from last week. There is also the danger of Monday nightmares. Stuck in traffic on you way to work, your PC crashing, a power cut in the office… You sit in your car or on the tube and look at the other commuters faces. You can see the same Monday Misery. Happy Monday to you 🙂

Monday Morning



The Weekend Is Crucial

You want to feel refreshed and ready to tackle Monday Morning! To do this, you need to ensure that you have had a great weekend. There is nothing worse, than realising on Sunday night that the weekend was too fast.

Make sure your weekend is a mixture of exercise, fun, listening to music, reading, relaxing. Do all the things you love and try something new. New experiences can give you a new persepective, something else to think about and enjoy.

Make sure you do something or if you love doing absolutely nothing, do that!

Hello Weekend!


Make A New Ritual

Set time aside on Sunday night to do something that you can plan to do every Sunday night.

You love baths? Have a luxurious bath, with candles, music and relax. Make this your ritual. It will become your special time for Sunday night and you will be more relaxed for Monday Morning. You have a favourites series that you can watch on Netflix? Watch several episodes in a row, with your feet up. Are you close to finishing a book? Finish reading it.

Bath Bomb - Relax


Imagine It Is Your Favourite Day Of The Week

Everybody has a favourite day of the week. Mine is Thursday 🙂  Don’t ask me why, because I cannot explain it. But when Thursday comes I relax and find everything is fine.

Your favourite day could be Friday or even one of the weekend days. Imagine this feeling you have, keep it inside you and then use it on Monday Morning. Pretend that this is your favourite day and enjoy every moment.


Favourite Day - Sunset Time


A Treat for Lunchtime


You need to have a reward for making it through Monday Morning 🙂

When you have a treat to look forward to, the hours will just fly away. By the time you have your treat, you will be wondering what all the fuss was about. Monday Morning? No problem.



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