Do you work hard every day but still can’t get on top of your to-do list? If this sounds like you, you might want to rethink your morning routine. It is that sweet time of the day when the world is quiet, and you can get things done. You might not be a morning person, but everybody can be with a little bit of discipline. Read on to find out how to do it, and start your day with a fresh zest!

Morning Routine Magic

  1. Get Up Earlier
  2. Drink Water Like Cameron Diaz
  3. Keep Away From Tech
  4. Wipe Your Mind
  5. Take A Time Out

Your routine needs to be personal to you, so you will enjoy it and stick with it. But here are five things you can put in motion. Start enjoying the magic of extra time in the morning and sleep like a baby at the end of the day.

1) Get Up Earlier To Start The Morning Routine


If you want to create the best morning routine, you need to get out of your warm, comfy bed a little bit earlier. Sure, nobody likes to get up in the morning. But until you give it a go and feel the real benefits, don’t knock it. Ideally, aim for 8 hours of sleep. It is the optimum time for your body to rest and recover properly.

It will also make it easier for you to swing those legs out of bed and start moving.

Chances are you will need to go to bed earlier, so you can fit your new routine in. It’s not a bad thing. It gets you away from your mobile, tablet, television, Netflix, Amazon Prime. You know, all those things that make you stay up later than you planned. Start winding down earlier at night, so you can feel nice and relaxed when you get to bed. Camomile tea is a great choice to relax you and help you nod off to sleep land.

2) Drink Water Like Cameron Diaz

Drink Water

I don’t like coffee, in fact, I have never drunk it, but I am a huge tea drinker. I used to drink a nice cup of black tea when I first got up in the morning. It made me feel alive and ready to go. But I have now changed this part of my morning routine to drinking 1 litre of water when I first get up. I was inspired by Cameron Diaz, who drinks 1 litre of water every morning and swears by it.

I wanted to see if drinking water would be as effective as my tea.

The verdict: I was surprised to find out that it is better. You are more alert than normal and fell super hydrated. I now drink water as part of my morning routine, and my body seems to like it as well. When I drink my first cup of tea later in the morning, it seems to taste better.

Here is a video of Cameron drinking water, showing how she knocks it back. I haven’t been able to “down” mine just yet, but I am getting there!

Check out the video:

3) Keep Away From Tech


Do you normally get up and the first thing you do is pick up your mobile phone? Do you check to see if you have any new emails? Or do you turn your television on to check the latest news? If this is you, you can stop it. By getting up earlier in the morning, you immediately have more time to play with.

You don’t need to go straight to your mobile. The world will still exist an hour later. You need to concentrate on yourself first.

Disconnecting yourself from your tech as soon as you get up is life-changing. Your morning routine is for you. Wait till you have finished your new morning routine, and then you can connect to the world.

4) Wipe Your Mind

Wipe Your Mind

Don’t worry. I am not suggesting you should go and get brainwashed. I am talking about “resetting” your mind when you get up. You have had an excellent 8 hours of sleep, but you still need to refresh your brain for the day ahead.

Exercise, meditate or practise mindfulness for at least 15 minutes.

You don’t need to be an exercise fanatic, meditating guru, or a yoga master. You only need to set these 15 minutes aside to help your head. If this is all new to you, it might feel a bit weird. But over time, you will look forward to these 15 minutes of clear headspace.

5) Take A Time Out During Your Morning Routine

Take A Break

You might think this is the same as meditating or practising mindfulness, but it isn’t. You need to make a point of having a mini-break in your morning routine. It could be 10 mins of reading your new book or pampering your body.

Your morning routine needs to have breaks, so you are 100% relaxed before the “heavy work” of the day.

It is that little extra thing in your morning routine that makes it even more special. Eventually, you will dive out of bed instead of crawling from it because your new morning routine is all yours.


It might be hard to think about earlier mornings if you are a night person. But anybody can go to bed a little earlier to create some space in the morning. The new routine can change the whole blueprint for your day ahead. You will feel invigorated and ready to take on the world.

The beauty of the routine is, you will have exercised, relaxed and cleared your head before doing anything else.

It might take a bit of time to get into the habit, but you will get there. Enjoy your new routine and live your life well from the first minute of the day!


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