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At The Leslie Link, we are passionate about promoting mental health awareness. After all, it is not only your mental health. It is an issue for your family member, friend, colleague, in fact, everybody in the world. So, while it can be devastating personally, it is also a pressing global issue. Indeed, WHO has now included mental health as part of its sustainable development goals

When you start looking at the bigger picture. It is plain to see how much work there is still to do. While some people now feel more confident coming forward to seek help. Mental health issues in some countries still have a stigma attached to them. Daily, around the world, people are still experiencing discrimination and human rights violations. All because they were brave enough to come forward and seek the help they needed.

Breaking the stigma is a hard fight. Funding is vital for these organisations to keep going. Some support does come from local governments. But it is evident that governments worldwide can do a lot more. Thankfully they are organisations globally that work hard every day. These organisations are working tirelessly to give support to the most vulnerable and educate local communities. Here are a couple of companies that are working hard to support mental health in Zimbabwe and Mexico.

Society for Pre and Post Natal Services (SPANS) Zimbabwe

One of Africa’s Mental Health Ambassadors, Linos Muvhu, is the Secretary and Chief Talent Team Leader in Zimbabwe for SPANS. This organisation uses a holistic approach to provide mental health support for mothers, fathers, and children. The hands-on approach allows them to share mental health initiatives directly with the people who need them most. 

SPANS latest project with Global Giving raises money via donations for community outreach in Zimbabwe. Additionally, to create a Toll-Free line for mental health support. The project wants to increase awareness, acceptance, acceptance, and accessibility of mental health care. On September 13th – 17th, the Little by Little campaign by Global Giving will double all donations to the project in their matching campaign.

Voz Pro Mental Health Network (Voz Pro Salud Mental) Mexico

The Voz Pro Mental Health Network in Mexico fights for the right of people with mental illness to get treatment for biological, psychological, and social areas of their lives. It comprises a group of non-profit citizen organizations that includes users, their family members, and professionals. All focused on improving the quality of life for people with mental disorders.

It seeks to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and care of mental health. It also promotes the right to timely and comprehensive treatment and combats the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health.

Edgewood Health Network (EHN) Canada

Edgewood Health Network (EHN) offers a network of recovery centres throughout Canada. You can get treatment for mental illness from professionals who know how to help you. The centres cover everything from outpatient therapy to short-term detox stays and multi-month treatment options.

The mission statement from EHN is clear, “We strive to ensure all Canadians have a right to mental health care that is Accessible, Affordable and Excellent.


In Conclusion

Given the events of the last few years, the pandemic has compounded the problems of mental health. Mental health awareness should be a priority for all countries, regardless of money or anything else. After all, good mental health connects strongly to the future of our planet. A healthy, positive environment helps nurture and sustain people mentally and physically. Think about what you can do to help make the world a better place for all. So we can grow together and enjoy healthy lives.

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