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Do you sometimes feel that time is managing you? Do you run out of time and can’t finish tasks? Would you like to manage your time in 2020 and gain yourself some quality time?

If you have been thinking of working on your personal development, managing your time is an area you should consider. Sometimes we can become a slave to time. We end up losing out on doing the things in life that matter the most. In extreme cases, we can suffer burnout from a stressful lifestyle.

Luckily, your life doesn’t have to be like that. You can start doing the things you want, by changing a few areas, and learn how to manage your time in 2020.

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A Time Management System That Works For You – Manage Your Time In 2020

There are numerous time management systems and time management apps that can help you start to take control of your life and precious time. Many of them are free, and some only cost a few dollars/euros/pounds each week. However, going back to basics can sometimes be your best option.

If you have not seen it already, check out this article from earlier in the year. It is an easy way to manage your time and perfect for the new year.

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New Year – New Clock – Fresh Time

Look upon the New Year as being a fresh start, freshly using time.

Just because you have always done something in a certain way, doesn’t mean you still have to do it like that.

For example, if you are used to working intensely for a few hours straight, think about breaking the time up and take a few more breaks. The quality of your work will be better as you won’t feel so pressured.

Or if you have a habit of leaving things to the last minute, this can be a great thing to work on in 2020. Think about specific situations when you have put yourself under too much pressure because you have been late.

What could you have done differently? Is there anything you could have done better to achieve a less stressful ending?

Thinking about these things and being honest with yourself are crucial to managing your time in 2020. Start making time work for you and not be a slave to it.

Rubbish - The Leslie Link

Eliminate The Rubbish

You have only necessary things in your life when you get rid of the unnecessary stuff. It is as simple as that.

Think about your life. Is there anything that you do right now, that doesn’t help you or serve any purpose?

If you can think about some things like this, promise yourself to get rid of them in 2020. Think about the time you will save, and all the extra quality time you will have gained for yourself!


  • Pick an easy system that works for you.
  • New Year – New fresh time.
  • Get rid of the rubbish in your life.
  • Have more quality time.

It would be great to hear your ideas for 2020 and what steps you will take to find some more quality time. Please feel free to comment below the blog post.

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