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Want to start a plan that works to lose weight in 2020?

If your answer is yes, then read this article to help you. It is the follow-up to Part 1, of the 2020 series, that discusses ways to improve your life in 2020.

The beginning of the new year is when we promise ourselves we will lose weight and get healthy. But do we ever achieve it? Some of us do, and if that is you, you can certainly pat yourself on the back.

But if you struggle, and are still reading this, don’t despair, you can also pat yourself on the back. That’s because you have jumped the first hurdle. You have decided that you want to do something to help yourself lose weight in 2020!

Here are three ways in which you can focus and make sure it happens for you!

1. Change Your Diet – Lose Weight In 2020

Most of you will know that your stomach is the size of one of your fists. Go ahead, close your hand and look at it. It’s not big, is it? Think about all the food you eat throughout the day. That poor stomach.

Start thinking about treating your body like a temple. Make a concentrated effort to eat smaller meals. Don’t overeat and end up feeling full.

Also, you need to make sure that you eat enough calories, so you can stay healthy as you lose weight. This calories chart from WebMD is a great reference guide.

2. Use An Accountability Coach – Lose Weight In 2020

So, are you happy using your diet and exercise routine, but want to be held accountable? Do you find it difficult to stay motivated?

An Accountability Coach can help you stay on track. You can benefit from:-

  • Weekly phone calls with your Coach
  • Weekly challenges via email
  • Find out what motivates you to lose weight, so you can keep going!
  • Goal reviews – to track your weight loss progress

Contact me here and we can arrange to work together!

3. Six-Month Goal

Create a six-month goal.

Well, it might seem like a long time. But six months is the perfect length of time to allocate to your weight loss program. You can lose weight healthily and at a moderate pace.

And don’t forget the before and after photos. They will blow your mind! Imagine what you will look like six months from now.

To find out more about the connection between motivation and goal setting, have a look at this article from Positive Psychology on goal setting, which goes into more detail.

In Conclusion

There is no need to be hard on yourself. If you can learn to love yourself and treat yourself with respect, you will have more chance of being successful.

Call it baby steps or chunks. Break everything down. Your six months comprise of 6 separate months, and each month is broken down into four different weeks.

Everything is possible if you are true to yourself and maintain the focus on your goal to lose weight in 2020. Six months could change your life forever!

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