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I was so impressed with The N-Life Planner that I invited Livio Ferraro to The Leslie Link YouTube Channel to explain more. Livio is a professor in Entrepreneurship & IESE PMD, 2 x startup founder, with 10+ years in strategic consultancy. He has created a life planner that can help startup founders and entrepreneurs to support them on their journey.

Here are some highlights from the interview with Livio Ferraro.

The Right Mindset is Key

The right mindset is critical in business, and this is especially so for entrepreneurs. They need to have a positive attitude and use concepts to attract positive interactions. The detailed planner helps you retain focus and visualise your goals until they become a reality.

A Life Planner That Gives You an Effective Business Strategy

The planner has six main stages and 25 sub-stages.

  • You need to follow each stage in the correct sequence. Skipping between stages will disrupt the system.
  • By following the strategy laid out in the life planner, it can save you valuable time.
  • You can work on the right actions at the right time.

Smart Action Planning

At The Leslie Link, we love time management! Livio also has this passion and uses his action planning system to manage his time effectively. He has been doing this for years, enabling him to feel empowered as he works on several projects at a time. He shares his system in the planner so you can reap the benefits as well.

The Leslie Link Interview with Livio Ferraro

It was great to interview Livio and find out how The N-Life Planner works in practice. You can find out more about the planner on the official website.

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