At times, it can be very hard to try and be happy. But living a life full of happiness, is something that can completely change the way we are in our lives. The way we interact with our families, friends and colleagues. How we perceive the world. Our positivity. Our productivity. Our personal development.


So What Is Happiness?

According to Wikipedia, it is a mental or emotional state of well-being. Which can be positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Sounds fab doesn’t it!
But we have to be realistic. In our everyday lifes we are in lots of different situations. We encounter different people, with different moods to ours. We can even have days that end up being a complete nightmare. How can we still feel happiness when we are stuck in a traffic jam? What if we meet somebody who is angry? What if everything we do seems to go wrong?
Stop! Yes, that’s right, Stop! Then use these quick steps to assess the situation and rectify it, as best as you can.
1) Stop right where you are. Assess what has happened. Why do you feel angry/upset/sad etc.? Be truthful. Write this thought down if possible or keep the thought in your head.
2) For a few seconds. Internalise that thought and see how you feel in your body. You will notice that you feel ill. Your body feels uncomfortable. Not only do you have this thought mentally but you can sense it affecting your health as well.
3) After a few seconds make a very concentrated effort to release the thought. Make a line through it, if you have written it down. Or if the thought is in your head, destroy it, erase it from your mind.
4) Straight after this, close your eyes, take a very deep breathe and then release it. Notice how you feel when you are exhaling. You can feel the tension and anger/upsetment/sadness go.
5) Then open your eyes and smile !

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