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You are told not to engage in job-hopping as it will ruin your career. But does this still apply in 2021? If your personal development is essential to you, then you need to question this throughout your career. Nothing happens if you stay in one place and do the same thing. A little bit of hopping could be the best thing for you!

Job Hopping Benefits

  1. Learn more about yourself
  2. Discover your career
  3. Find a job that matches you
  4. More opportunities in your new job
  5. A step outside your comfort zone

5 Job Hopping Reasons To Jump

Job hopping doesn’t have to be the nasty term people make it out to be. When you are a job hopper, you have the potential to jump to your perfect lily pad and stay there. You might have to make a few hops on the way, but it will all be worth it. Here are five reasons why:

Job Hopping

1) Learn More About Yourself

Do you know yourself? It is a profound, soul-searching question. It might take you years to find out who you are. But as a child, you are expected to know what subjects you will like to pursue.

I can honestly confess to not having a clue back then.

If you did, then well done to you! You are probably already well into your chosen career. But this choice isn’t so easy for everybody. Your dreams and aspirations as a child can change as you grow up.

You feel new environments and experiences, which all contribute to different dreams.

Moving from one job to another gives you a new perspective on yourself. You meet different people, work in various industries, and are open to other opportunities. You find out what you like and don’t like. More importantly, you get to know yourself.

Discover Your Career

2) Discover Your Career

The same as you are on a voyage of discovery for yourself, you are also searching for your career. It doesn’t matter what you want to do in life. It is your life. So think about what you enjoy, what you can do, what you love, and it will lead you on your way.

When you hop to a new job, see how it feels and give it a chance.

You will know if you are in the right career. If you end up super tired and disillusioned at the end of the day, this could be a strong indicator you need to move. If you feel excited to work and enjoy what you are doing, you are on the right track.

It might take you some time, but you will get there.

Seek out career advice and research online different options. You’ll find things have changed a lot since you were at school. There are a bundle of resources online to help you.

Find A Job That Matches You

3) Find A Job That Matches You

Everybody is different, so don’t try and stick yourself into a square hole if you feel like a round peg. It isn’t going to make you feel right. Accept that it is not a good fit. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It is life.

Don’t create a puzzle out of your life. Accept when it is time to move on to find the right job.

The good news is, your perfect career is out there. So don’t worry, keep moving forward, or jumping, and you will find it. Answer the following questions to help you find a job that matches you:

  • What are your best skills?
  • What are you not good at doing?
  • In a work environment, what do you enjoy the most?
  • What do you not enjoy at work?
  • Write down the things that excite you about work.
  • Write down what switches you off at work.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can create a new list. Pick out the positives from the last list that make sense to you. These are the things that are important to you.

Use this list and refer to it as you search for something new.

Don’t discard the original list. You can use it to look at the negative things. These things can remind you what you don’t want in your career and job. It gives you an accurate benchmark, so that you can hop nearer to the best job and career for you.

More Opportunities In Your New Job

4) More Opportunities In Your New Job

Imagine working in a company where you can’t advance in your career. Perhaps you have reached the highest role possible at your current job. Do you feel satisfied? Or do you want more for your career and you?

Look for a new job if you can’t progress in your current one.

Keep your job while you search for another one. It might not be the fault of your current company. Maybe they are small, and you have reached the limit. Or maybe there isn’t another rung in this particular career ladder. So you need to think of another career or a lateral move.

If you feel restless, find out what else you can do.

This process might take some time, but don’t lose heart. Stick with it and use your discipline to get you there.

Life Coaching

5) A Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Nobody particularly likes doing things outside of their comfort zone. But it is a perfect way to stretch yourself as a person and find out what else is out there in the world. Sure, if you are 100% happy, stay in your current job and enjoy it. You don’t need to change it. Stay where you are.

However, stepping outside your comfort zone can be life-changing.

If you want to learn something new, meet new people, and experience new things, take that step and go for it. It is possible to change your career, and you don’t need to be 20-years-old to do this. Please give it a go and reap the benefits of enjoying a whole new world.

Your job hop could take you out of your comfort bubble and into your new best career.

Yes, it’s a scary prospect. But unless you try, you will never know. You don’t want to be that person 20 years from now, regretting not taking more chances. You can go for it and see what happens. How exciting!

Job Hopping – In Summary

Job hopping is not a bad thing when you are doing it for the right reasons. You can explain yourself at the interview stage and also express this in your CV. Many companies will be impressed with the pursuit of your personal development goals.

If you want to further your career, don’t be scared to try something new and change until you get there. It might take time, but your happiness is worth the extra effort. Remember that your thoughts limit you, so think big and achieve it!

Please share this article with somebody you feel will benefit from it. If you want to read more articles related to your career, you can find them here.

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