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The competition for jobs can be fierce. You might be looking for a new job right now and wondering how you can improve your CV and get noticed. Updating a few dates and typing some general information for each company is not going to cut it.

A study by Ladders in 2018 found that recruiters scan CVs for 7.4 seconds! Bearing this in mind, your CV needs to tick all their boxes as quickly as possible.

This blog post will cover the following areas:-

  1. Using the right CV template
  2. Matching the job skills to your CV
  3. The importance of keywords
  4. Using a professional CV writer
  5. The best contact email address

Check out these five areas on your CV and get yourself on the right pile!

1. Using The Right CV Template To Improve Your CV


It is important to set some time aside to select the most appropriate CV template.

You want to make sure that you show the right image for the right job and the correct industry.

If it is for a job that is in a creative field, pick an eye-catching template. For sure, they are not looking for something ultra-serious.

In the same vein, if you want to apply for an executive job in an office. It is best to select a template that reflects this type of role.

Think about the image that you want to show to your potential future employer.

If might mean you need to use different templates for different jobs. Keep your options open and be flexible. Select the right template for each job.

2. Matching The Job Skills To Your CV


Check out the skill requirements in the job description.

There will usually be several skills requirements. They are normally listed in order of importance.

To help lower the rejection possibility, you need to create a CV that matches these skills perfectly.

Think about these skills. When did you use the skills? Was it in your career or a different area of your life?

Then include them on your CV.

You are helping the recruiter see your experience, and you are boosting your chances of success.

3. The Importance Of Keywords


In a world with algorithms, and applicant tracking systems (ATS), keywords are more important than ever.

A 2018 recruiter study by Randstad Risesmart found that a whopping 81% of recruiters use an ATS.

This statistic is not surprising. Recruiters are receiving on average up to 250 CVs for each role. There are not enough hours in the day for them to read every CV in detail.

It is important to research your keywords and use them in your CV. It will help to stop your CV from landing on the reject pile.

But, don’t go overboard and stuff your CV with keywords. Try to place them in sections where you discuss your accomplishments and experience.

4. Using A Professional Writer To Improve Your CV


For some people, updating a CV can seem like hard work. The task might seem impossible if you are not used to “selling yourself”.

Let’s face it; nobody knows you better than yourself.

But are you able to present yourself in the best possible way?

Sometimes, using the skills of a professional writer could be the easiest and quickest way for you.

A writer with a recruiter experience and mindset, can showcase your skills and highlight your achievements.

5. The Best Contact Email Address


Before you press that enter button, think about this.

Do you want your future employer to read a gimmicky email address as opposed to a professional one?

A recruiter will look at the contact email address. An email address is more often than not at the top of the page. The chances are high that they will view it in their quick scan.

An email address like, as opposed to, is far more appropriate.

You are applying for a job. You are not sending an email to a friend to arrange something.

Take it seriously, and if you haven’t already, create a separate email address for job applications.


Standing out from the crowd can help you secure a new job. By using these five areas to improve your CV, you will have a higher chance of being noticed.

Next, you can combine your new CV with a stellar cover letter, some interview preparation, and then secure your next big interview!

Good luck and enjoy the experience!

Don’t forget to care and share this article with your family and friends! If you need help with your CV, please contact me to find out more.

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