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Motivating your employees is not all about making your business more productive. When you get it right, it can positively change your workspace in many ways. Instead of thinking solely about your bottom line, you can look at the bigger picture. Find out how you can improve employee motivation and see the positive results in every part of your business.

Before diving into how you can improve employee motivation at work, knowing what it is and why it is important in the workplace is essential.

According to Wikipedia, “Employee motivation is an intrinsic and internal drive to put forth the necessary effort and action towards work-related activities.” As you can well imagine, having a workforce comprising of motivated employees is every business owner’s dream. The employees will use this internal drive to push themselves at work. This drive can only be of benefit to the company.

Why Is Employee Motivation Important?

Why is this internal drive so important when it comes to employees? When employees feel motivated at work, it can help them “feel like they are part of the company”.

The employee wants the company to do well and be a part of the whole process.

It’s almost like a sense of belonging somewhere. All the employees are working together for the company’s good, and they are enjoying it. Plus, motivation is good for the personal development of your employees. The company benefits as well when people grow individually.

2. How To Boost Employee Motivation?

Knowing how to boost your employees’ motivation will help create a comfortable working environment everyone loves. Catering to different personalities can make it hard for managers to find the right strategy. Read on to discover some techniques you can use at work.

5 Motivation Techniques You Can Use At Work

Here are a few motivational techniques you can use to help you motivate your employees at work.

2.1 Give Gratitude When Somebody Performs Well

Humans love to receive recognition for the good things they have done. It doesn’t matter if you are the most humble person. If you have worked hard on something, you would like to receive a thank you. It might seem corny or old hat, but it certainly isn’t. Everybody wants to feel that they have a place, especially at work.

Express your gratitude to an employee personally to improve employee motivation.

The personal aspect makes all the difference. It’s easy to send a standard email or send thanks via another manager. But if you are a business owner, make an effort to thank somebody personally. Acts like this boost the motivation of not only the employee receiving it but also their colleagues. Be genuine and sincere, and you will receive the same attention back.

2.2 Create A Positive Culture

People work at their best when they feel happy and well. You can set the tone from the top by promoting a positive culture at work. Your employees will look to you for leadership. Projecting an open and upbeat personality will warm employees to you. Positivity is infectious. Before you know it, your employees will also be embracing your positive attitude.

A happy culture at work can boost the atmosphere and productivity.

When employees are happy at work, they are more productive. A six-month study in 2019 at BT, by Said Business School/Oxford University, found that happy workers are 13% more productive. Interestingly, researchers discovered that happy workers didn’t work more hours than unhappy workers; they were more productive with their time.

2.3 Create A Profit Sharing Option For Employees

Engaged employees are far more likely to feel motivated at work. One way of doing this is to introduce a profit-sharing scheme at work. It is a fantastic way for employees to connect with the company. There is a clear understanding that their productivity can directly affect how well the business performs.

Employees get excited when their wages increase because of their direct efforts.

Have a meeting with all the employees before you set the scheme up. That way, you can answer any questions beforehand and ensure the system gets off to a good start. You’ll probably find that your employees might have some more great ideas for the company, which they can share with you.

2.4 Setting The Right Goals For Each Project

It can be challenging for employees to work on projects every year. Employees will find some projects more enjoyable than others, depending on their skillset and interests. You can boost employee motivation by taking the time to create realistic goals. The goals should push your employees but not be impossible to achieve.

Creating the right goals for employees can help to boost their motivation levels.

When you get the goals right, your employees will be far more motivated in the project. If you are unsure, you can consult directly with employees to ensure the proposed goals make sense. Listen and act on their ideas, as they may have pointers you had not considered. Your projects will then have a higher success rate overall.

2.5 Creating A Buddy System

One of the nicest ways to make employees feel like they belong and have support is to create a buddy system. Select your senior staff and match them up with your junior employees. Sometimes newer employees might not be confident to ask questions about the company or the work they need to do. A buddy system gives them the support network they need to ask whatever they want.

A buddy system is a motivational tool that can work both ways.

Newer employees can also bring a breath of fresh air to a company. Mentees can be a fountain of ideas for their mentors, giving them fresh perspectives and new ways to do things. The buddy system could become one of your more valuable motivational tools. It could be the source of new products and services for your business.

3. Next Steps To Motivate Your Employees

You now have some ideas on how you can motivate your employees. Try one or two at first and see how you get on. Don’t forget to assess the result regularly so you can adjust anything as you go along. Always stay in touch with your employees and find out what makes them tick.

Your employees are the true lifeblood of your business.

Your business will grow in leaps and bounds when you are more connected with your employees. Additionally, you will all benefit from working in a happy environment with a collaborative spirit. You can then work together to discover more ways to improve employee motivation for the business.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share the article with your colleagues, family, and friends, and help spread some motivational ideas. It would also be great to hear your ideas on motivating employees. Please comment below!

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