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Losing weight can be a challenge. But, when you are feeling motivated, it is easier to continue losing weight. How To Stay Motivated can be different for everybody, as we are not the same. Remember that we all have different ways of dealing with things and living our lives.

Gillian Anderson sums it all up nicely with her quote:

“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.”

Gillian Anderson

Here are some ways that you can keep an eye on your motivation level and make sure that you are staying on track.

How To Stay Motivated – Believe In Yourself

It is very easy to think about other people that are losing weight. Members of your family, friends, even the latest trending celebrities. But the person that counts here is YOU!

How To Stay Motivated - The Leslie Link

By checking what everybody else is doing, it is counterproductive. Especially if you start thinking that they are doing better than you.

Do you know they are? Is your mind playing games with you?

By believing in yourself, you are ensuring that your body and mind are receiving the best possible attention. At the end of the day, the only person that knows you better than anybody else is yourself. Keep your motivation level in a positive direction. By reminding yourself that you are in control.

You have started a weight loss programme. You are eating healthy. Or you have started exercising. Whatever steps you have taken to lose weight, they have come from yourself. You are the person that made those first steps, not somebody in your family or the latest celebrity on the TV. Be responsible for yourself and be proud of every step that you take.

Do not go down the road of comparisons. We all have our own journey to make in life and our own motivation levels. Focus on you. Stay happy and positive!

Motivational People

Well, I am not sure about you, but I looked at these colourful guys and smiled. They seem so happy. I smile when I look at them and I hope that they cheered you up as well! Notice that when you smile, you feel good.

How To Stay Motivated - The Leslie Link

Surround yourself with motivational people, who are positive and will encourage you. Do you have a friend who is always cracking jokes or sees the positive in everything? Arrange to spend more time with them. See how it affects your motivation and creates a positive environment.

Imagine when you meet up with a colleague, family member or friend that you have not seen for a while. Isn’t it great, when they comment on how amazing you look. They are shocked to see how much weight you have lost. It feels incredible. You can feel the feel-good hormone, dopamine, coursing through your veins. It makes you feel invincible and pushes you into further action!

Remember this feeling.

It is the same feeling we have when we see or do anything that makes us happy. Make sure that you fill your days with things that you enjoy when you want to lose weight. Don’t starve yourself on the latest diet and feel miserable. Don’t go for a 5-mile run and hate every minute. Do things that you love, and you know you will stick at. So, you will stay motivated and will then be more likely to exercise regularly and make wise food choices.

Push Yourself Sensibly

Push Yourself Sensibly - The Leslie Link

Maybe some days you feel like one of these people trekking up the mountain. It is hard and you wonder why you are bothering. When you have a moment like this, it is your trigger to Push Yourself.

You do not have to climb a mountain, but you can push yourself in those crucial moments.

For example, you have eaten healthy all week and one day you had a pizza. It is not the end of the road. Push Yourself and make sure that the next day you are back on track.

The same with exercise. So, if you are working out and are feeling good, it is ok to have the odd day off. After all, you need to give your muscles time to relax. If you get out of your routine do not despair, Push Yourself and the next day you will be back in your routine.

Use these tips to keep yourself motivated. Notice over time how you start to lose weight in a happy and healthy way.

Have a great weekend! Best, Sally.

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