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In life, we have to face certain situations that are unpleasant. Sometimes these can have a lasting effect on our confidence. So, in order to combat this, we need to change our mindset and learn how to handle rejection.

Changing your mindset can be tricky, but if you have the will, there is always a way. At the end of the day, it is simply a process of thinking in a different way. No tricks are involved. Only a commitment and an understanding that you need and want to think differently. Anything that will make you feel more positive in life is a great skill to learn.

Interviews – How To Handle Rejection

They don’t like me. I am not good enough for the job? I was too nervous. These are examples of negative thoughts that may run through your mind in an interview situation. This is normal. You are not a robot and are human with emotions. This is natural.

How To Handle Rejection

But just because you have these thoughts, it doesn’t mean you have to believe them.


As soon as you catch yourself having such thoughts make a conscious effort to realise you have had the thought. Take a mental note and ask yourself why do you think this?

Perhaps you have had a bad experience in an interview. If so, do not feel disheartened. Most problems or uncomfortable situations can be avoided by making sure that you are fully prepared for the interview. Research how to handle tricky questions. Have your interview clothes ready and organised. Try a mock interview with a friend.

If you are fully prepared and have covered all eventualities, you can leave the interview knowing that you gave it your best shot. Preparation is key.

But sometimes when you have made the effort and are prepared as best as you can, you may still have to handle rejection.

Do not take this personally.

There could be a number of reasons. The company felt you were not the right match for the job. They interviewed somebody who was more experienced than you. If you want to know why you were rejected, you can always approach the company to find out more. Knowing the reason can help you adjust your interview technique. Apply for more appropriate jobs in the future. Learn something that you can improve on for next time, etc.

Relationships – How To Handle Rejection

Relationships - How To Handle Rejection

In a relationship

It can be devastating when you are in a relationship, and your partner decides to finish it. Especially if you felt everything was absolutely fine. Sometimes it can come like a bolt from the blue.

But life does go on.

It will not seem like it at the time. You will feel like your whole world has collapsed. The thought of starting out again and searching for a new partner can feel daunting. How to handle meeting mutual friends? Avoiding your old haunts? Missing your special jokes that nobody else understands.

The first thing you have to understand is that it was not meant to be. You will feel lost without your love, and you are probably still in love with them. But do you really want to be with somebody who does not love you back in the same way?

As time goes on you will understand that this is a blessing in disguise. You have a new opportunity to find somebody who wants to be your companion and share your lives together.

Going Forward In Your Life…

Going Forward In Your Life

Rejection is hard. But when it happens – remember that things will become easier. It is only a temporary situation. In 3 or 4 years you can look back on this situation and see how your life has changed. Keep moving forward in your life and remember that nothing stays the same. We can learn and grow in life, and rejection is simply redirection!

Thank you for reading this week’s post, and I hope that it can help you start viewing rejection in a different way. Check out these two articles for tips on moving outside your comfort zone and finding the confidence to be yourself.

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