It is no secret that our weight can affect our health directly and we can end up living in fear of the Scary Scales to weigh ourselves. But we can be very hard on our bodies and there are some days, when we do not treat them like a temple. Far from it !

Let´s face it, we have all had a “pig out” on junk food or even had a wild night out on the booze. Then the next day we feel a little guilty about our health and all in all a little bit rough… to say the least. But what is the psychology behind all this?


Why Do We Have”Pig-Outs” and Wild Nights Out and Forget About Our Health?

    The psychologist Dr Leigh Gibson, Reader in Biopsychology at Roehampton University, explains why we do this to our bodies. ‘Cravings are an overwhelming sensation of desire for a certain food. There are a number of chemicals in the brain that are associated with this. ‘First, there is dopamine, a brain chemical that is involved in learning and concentration. When we see or experience something new, dopamine is released in the brain. ‘This works in tandem with other brain chemicals called opioids, which give us feelings of enjoyment and pleasure. The combination of these two factors mean that the brain associates certain activities with pleasure, and it teaches us to do them again and again.

Junk food cravings go back to prehistoric times. To the benefit of high-calorie food as a survival mechanism.
‘We are programmed to enjoy eating fatty and sugary substances, and our brains tell us to seek them out.
‘Today, we still have the same chemical reactions, causing a desire.  Despite there being less of a nutritional need for them.’


How Can We Stop This Abuse on Our Health?

So if we are “programmed” to do this from birth, how can we get around this programming and help our health. It is all about lifestyle choices.
We have all heard it before. Everything in moderation. Sure, you are always going to want to eat the unhealthy option. But it is all about willpower and pushing yourself.
If you have one or two “bad” days of eating rubbish or drinking too much alcohol, make sure you don’t for the rest of the week. It is that simple. There is no point in beating yourself up or feeling guilty and living in fear of the Scary Scales.
Compare the two photos below. Look at the apple…it even looks more appetising than the big, greasy carton of chips and mayonnaise. But you can have those chips every now and then, it does not matter. Just make sure it does not become a habit.


And What about the Scary Scales?

Well the Scary Scales can become Scales. There is nothing to worry about. We know we have to take care of our health, but we can still go easy on ourselves.
In fact, if they annoy you that much, do not weigh yourself every week. Why not every month ? Not only will it seem less daunting, you may find the longer time duration spurs you on. It is less stress to get weighed every month, instead of every week.
If the scales still get on your nerves, do not get weighed at all. Judge your weight by the clothes you wear and if they are looser, then you are on to a winner. When you notice this happening, schedule a weigh in with your scales. You will have a nice surprise, which is a lot better than having a fear !



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