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Take a Time-Out for You

It´s Tuesday, you are back into “the grind”, the weekend seems like a distant memory…you already feel like you need a time-out But you can…changes these thoughts and go and Embrace Life, at least for a few minutes each day, take some time-out for you.

Every day we have commitments to our family and friends. Because we are so busy attending to there, we sometimes forget to consider ourselves. We have to wear so many different hats during the day, that is easy to forget who you actually are. At any given time, you are a “father”, “mother”, “brother”, “sister”, “friend”, “taxi-driver”, “cook”, “counsellor”, the List goes on and on …
Taking a little time for yourself each day, could be the secret to a calmer life and a calmer you!

How can I take a Time-Out ?

There is no crime in taking a “Time-Out” for a few minutes, each day, for yourself. Nobody is going to persecute you or look at you in a different way. In fact most would consider it a great idea. They would do the same, once they hear how beneficial that it is, to our well-being. Studies have shown that…. All you have to do is schedule 5 minutes – 30 minutes for yourself, each day.  Do whatever it is that makes you happy. Here are some examples for things to do. 
  • Read a book
  • Meditate or even sit quietly. (with no mobile, tablet etc.)
  • Make some Yoga or gentle exercise to stretch
  • Have a short walk in nature
  • Put a meeting with yourself in your diary
  • Delegate some of your tasks. Ask your partner to do the food shopping now and then. What about hiring a babysitter?
  • Have a leisurely bath
  • Choose a hobby that requires concentration by yourself
  • Have a power nap – they do it in Japan !


Why do we need a Time-Out ?

If we do not take a Time-Out for ourselves, every day will start feeling like murky Monday. But if you have something to look forward to, this can create a feeling of well-being. You can achieve a balance within you. You will find you are less stressed in difficult situations and able to adapt quicker and easier.

In Psychology Today, Dr. Bourg Carter´s fascinating article, discusses 6 reasons, why we should spend more time alone.
A study on Power napping found that it can increase performance. Check out this article from The Japan Times, which looks at it in more detail.


 So schedule that time just for you, you deserve it !







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