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If you can manage your time and are productive, you could become a time management pro. There are hundreds of time management apps can help you on this journey. But there are also some exciting alternatives. One of these is the Clever Fox Planner. I decided to take the plunge, buy one myself and give it a go. So, here is my guide to the Clever Fox Planner!

Guide To The Clever Fox Planner

I have broken down my review into first impressions, and then some detail on each section of the planner.

First Impressions


It comes packaged in a sturdy white box. It clearly shows the Clever Fox logo. As you open the box, you find a “How It Works” manual. This manual is an excellent move by the company, as some planners pretty much leave you on your own to figure it out.



The company that makes the Clever Fox Planner have clearly thought of several important details.

  • The size of the planner itself is easily manageable. It could probably fit into most handbags. Also, it would not look silly if you just carried it, which makes it suitable for anybody.
  • The material is soft to the touch, which gives it a bit of a luxury factor.
  • The icing on the cake here is that you can pick from a vast array of colours depending on your colour preference. This choice is a smart move and makes the planner attractive to everybody.

Underneath the planner, you will find a few pages of stickers that you can use throughout the year. The first section is Gratitude/Self-Awareness and Daily Rituals.

Gratitude and Daily Rituals


It is instantly clear that this is not going to be some boring planner that you end up forgetting to use. The Clever Fox team want you to feel engaged and connected to your planner.

  • In this area, you can write down what you are grateful for and what you are passionate about.
  • Under the Daily Rituals section, you can detail skills you want to learn and what habits you would like to adopt.
  • You can also write some personal affirmations to keep you going.

Vision Board

Next up, is the Vision Board. This area encourages people to visualise what they really want from life.



  • You can write, draw or stick things on the pages that match up with your vision.

The manual explains you can use it as a motivational tool. You can look at it throughout the year and check your progress.

Goal Setting


This brings us on nicely to the next section, which is for goal setting. You can separate your goals into different areas. These areas are -Health, Business & Career, Family & Friends, Significant Other & Romance, Finance, Personal Development, Fun & Recreation, and Spiritual.

The manual references using the SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) technique to help you set your goals.

Focus & Mind Map


Following on from your goals, you come to the Focus page. On the focus page, you can write down your five main goals. It helps you to narrow your focus and prioritise your goals.

The page to the right of the Focus page is the Mind Map. You can use the Mind Map page as a brainstorming area. So, you can get to grips with your goals you can break down your goals into little steps, so it is easier to manage.

Monthly Page


The next area of the planner comprises of 12 double-page spreads. You can dedicate these to each month of your year.

One of the main pros of the Clever Fox Planner is that it is undated.

This means you can use the planner for a full year, starting whenever you want. Pretty smart, huh?

The monthly pages show – Habits to Adopt, Skills to Learn, Things to Avoid, Places to Go, and People to See.

  • You can also use stickers that come with the planner to remind you of certain goals. This sticker action is another step to help you become more productive and encourage you.
  • At the bottom of the monthly pages, on the left-hand side is a section to detail your specific monthly goals.
  • Also, at the bottom of the monthly pages, on the right-hand side are two sections that summarise your month. These two sections can highlight your wins for the month and areas that you can improve on. This section is great to help you reflect on your progress.

Weekly Page


After the monthly pages, you come to the weekly pages. The weekly pages on the left are like a “normal” planner. You can write down what you plan to do each day.


On the weekly pages on the right-hand side, you can get a bit more specific.

  • You can detail your main goals for that week.
  • Your priorities for the week.
  • An area to add notes.
  • A to-do list section.
  • Track your habits and skills for each week.

At the bottom of the weekly pages, like the monthly ones, you can detail your wins and areas to improve on.

Dot-Grid Pages

We all need a bit of freedom to think, and this planner does just that.

The rest of the planner comprises of dot-grid pages. You can use these for whatever you want. Great if you a doodler or like to jot down random thoughts.

Extra Features

And finally, we come to the extra features of the Clever Fox planner.

Guide To-The-Clever-Fox-Planner-Extra-Features

Different coloured page divider ribbons

There are not just one but three-page divider ribbons. These ribbons are handy if you want to tag more than one area for quick reference.


The stickers can be used anywhere in the planner. It is a great tool to add a bit of colour and emphasis to your key areas.

Pen Holder

At the side of the planner, there is an elastic pen holder. This can comfortably accommodate a good-sized pen.

Back Pocket

Like other planners there is a pocket located at the back inside the cover. It seems durable and fits the overall style.

In Conclusion – Guide To The Clever Fox Planner

The Clever Fox Planner has certainly piqued my interest. I am looking forward to seeing if the planner can help me take my time management skills to the next level.

With so many sections that are interactive and thought-provoking, it will be a true test to see if it all works.

In my Guide To The Clever Fox Planner – Part 2, I will give you my assessment after using it for a week, and in Part 3, after a month.

Here is the YouTube video, related to this blog post for the Clever Fox Planner – First Impressions.

If you have any comments or have already used it, it would be great to hear what you think about the Clever Fox Planner?

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