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Global mental health support is essential for millions of people around the world. The 2021 pandemic has highlighted this growing need for more mental health funding and awareness. Non-governmental organisations like the Society for Pre and Post Natal Services (SPANS) in Zimbabwe are already doing it. SPANS is an organisation that promotes and supports antenatal, perinatal nutrition and postnatal care (APPC). They help to encourage and develop good mental health care across the life cycle with all family members.

Since SPANS creation in 2010, they have given valuable support to families. They actively go out into the communities and provide education and support on mental health challenges. This personal interaction helps them bridge gaps and give aid directly to the people who need it.

Mental Health Awareness – The Leslie Link Interview with Linos Muvhu

It was my absolute pleasure to interview Linos Muvhu, the Secretary and Chief Talent Team Leader for SPANS. We discussed the work that SPANS is doing in the communities, the Maternal Mental Health African Conference and the Global Giving fundraising project.

NB If you would like to watch the YouTube interview, you can find it further down the article.

Here are some highlights from the interview with Linos Muvhu.

Global Mental Health – Awareness and Education

We all know that mental health is an issue worldwide, but two key elements can help tackle the problem.

  • Awareness
  • Education

SPANS goes into the community and finds out what is happening on the ground. They learn how mental health is perceived in the communities and help families understand mental health and handle it. They use the correct language with the people by listening to them, addressing their needs, and educating them.

International Conference in Africa 2021

Following the successful 1st international conference in 2016, the 2nd conference will take place on 25th – 27th May 2021. It is a free online conference. It is of particular interest for health care workers, such as obstetricians, psychiatrists, midwives, nurses, psychologists, social care workers, paediatricians, policymakers, and governmental agencies.

You can get a ticket from Eventbrite for the Conference.

Global Giving Project – COVID-19 and Community Family Mental Health

The Global Giving project has already helped fund 50 mobile community outreach units to raise mental health awareness. The fund also helps create a toll-free line in Zimbabwe for teletherapy, providing mental health support for people directly and indirectly affected by COVID-19. SPANS is still working towards its fundraising goal, so any donations are most welcome to promote sound mental health.

The Leslie Link Interview with Linos Muvhu

You can also contact Linos directly on:-  WhatsApp or call +263715521063 or 0773825288, or by sending an email to –

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