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We all have commitments, things to do, work, etc. But it is very important that you give yourself a break on a regular basis. Most of us are aware of how important this is for our bodies and minds. But do we always put this into action?

Even the celebrities are getting in on the act. Chris Hemsworth explains in this article why he needs to take a break from Hollywood.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to start thinking about you! Get ready to start giving yourself the 5-star treatment.

Act Now!

1) Holiday Fun – Give yourself a break

Summer is upon us and if you have not taken a holiday already you need to make sure you start making plans.

Caravan - The Leslie Link

If money is an issue do not rule out taking a holiday locally. Sometimes we can become so obsessed with saving for an expensive holiday in a different location, we can forget about options closer to home. Keep all options open and consider anything from a caravan, glamping, a walking holiday, a yoga retreat, etc.

You can do anything. Get creative and think outside the box. Try a new type of holiday so you can experience something new. Perhaps you will find a new location and meet new people. Get inspired!

2) 1 Hour Fix – Give yourself a break

This is as precious as gold! I have covered this in a previous article, but it is so important I wanted to share it with you again.

Give Yourself A Break - 1 Hour Fix

Every day, and it can be any time of the day or night, allocate yourself one hour. In that hour you can do anything that relaxes you. Do you love to read? Grab a book. Like people watching? Go to a cafe, grab a coffee and watch to your heart’s content. Love comedy? Watch a couple of episodes of your favourite series.

Whatever it is you like to do, spend an hour doing it every day. We lead busy lives, but we can always manage to find 1 hour in 24 hours to do something for ourselves. We owe it to ourselves 🙂

3) Book That Spa! – Give yourself a break

I went to a Spa recently and relaxed so much that the next day I was still relaxed 🙂 Don’t forget a Spa is a specialised facility that is designed to help you relax. From the decor, to the staff, their one mission is to make sure you relax. In my particular case, they obviously did their job very well 🙂

Book That Spa - The Leslie Link

Sure, sometimes they can be expensive, but what better way to give your body and mind a break. You literally do not have to do anything…but relax. No pressure.

If you have never been to one before, you are in for a treat. Ask your friends and family for a good recommendation. Pick up that phone to the spa or send them an email, and get it booked. Then look forward to a few hours of pure relaxation 🙂

4) Personal Organiser – Give yourself a break

You may already have a personal organiser, such as a daily planner. But do you honestly use it regularly? Did you buy one and never use it?

Personal Organiser - The Leslie Link

Whatever your relationship is with your daily planner, start thinking about it in this way. Your daily planner is a person, just like a Virtual Assistant or PA. Imagine it is a person and every time you write your appointments, thoughts, etc. into it you are actually informing somebody of your plans.

If you start doing this, it will make you more inclined to check your daily planner and use it. After all…would you ignore a VA or PA? They are there to help you and if you can view your daily planner in the same way, you will start using it properly. In effect, you are putting a mass of information from inside your head and offloading it to a special assistant. Neat, huh!

5) Embrace Nada…

Look at this picture. This is a universally recognised sign to take a time out. If you feel you are running around in circles and you chasing your tail, visualise this sign in your mind. Give your body an instruction to stop.

Give Yourself A Break - Embrace Nada

And more importantly… do it. No ifs or buts. Just stop. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing can be amazing. You will be shocked how much more you can hear, feel, smell and see when you stop and do absolutely nothing.

Try it right now 🙂

So, I hope this article has inspired you to start thinking more about yourself and how you can look after both your body and mind.

And don’t forget, exercise can also be a great way to take time out and help your health at the same time. Check out this article for some ideas on how to find time to exercise!

Have a great week ahead!

Kind regards, Sally.

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