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We all know that Friday Feeling, it’s the end of the week, and we are ready for the weekend. We have worked so hard, and when Friday arrives, it just seems easier. Everything slots into place. At work, everybody seems friendlier and super laid back. Motivation is at an all-time high!

You can hear the birds singing in the trees. I mean, you can really hear them.

Do they not sing on Monday morning?? Of course, they do! But we are more attuned to hear them on Friday, as we are more relaxed and receptive.

Just like the weekends, we also notice so much more going on around us.

The Bottle Trick

But what if we could bottle that Friday Feeling and open that bottle every day of the week?

Would that not be awesome? Well, believe it or not, you can.

The trick is to remember how you felt on Fridays. If it helps for your mental visualisation, imagine opening up that bottle, removing the cork, and out pops Friday.

Now all you need to do is pop that cork every day of the week. When you wake up on the other days of the week, you will stop feeling despondent.

You will eventually start thinking that every day is Friday.

It’s as simple as that!

Give It A Go And Keep That Friday Feeling!

This really works. Try it!!!

But remember, when you are at work on these other days of the week, check your correspondence and emails before you send them, as you may confuse your work colleagues 🙂

Go and embrace your Fridays’ every day of the working week. Use the Friday Feeling to help you maintain a motivational buzz throughout the week!

It’s a whole new way of thinking. The Leslie Link always says, “Think differently and grow!”.

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