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We are living in a new world that seems to change every single day. Using healthy food to boost your immune system can give you a health kick and some positive vibes. Anything that can keep your spirits up right now, and help you stay fit, is worth considering.

Personal development can mean many things. You should consider a healthy body as an essential part of developing yourself. If your body feels good, you can feel good mentally as well. It is one big happy and healthy cycle.

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”


You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic or a diet demon. You may already eat some of these foods. If you don’t, get ready to help your body, feel happy, and boost your life. You can do this!

Food To Boost Your Immune System

Here are six ideas for food to boost your immune system. Please give it a go and notice the benefits in your life. Work your way through the list and feel the good vibrations flowing through your body.

Yoghurt - Boost Your Immune System

#1 Yummy Yoghurt

Yoghurt has many benefits. It might not be the most glamorous food to look at. But it is full of natural goodness. You can mix it with other food as its very versatile. It comes from milk and the process to make it has not changed for centuries.

If you are looking to incorporate some more dairy into your diet, yoghurt is an ideal solution. It has so many nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamins B-2, and Vitamin B-12. Natural low-fat yoghurt is also full of probiotics.

We have probiotics in our intestines, which help promote a healthy digestive system. Studies have shown that probiotics can also help our immune system. Try buying a natural low-fat yoghurt to help put more probiotics in your body.

So, your body can enjoy the benefits from more probiotics, look for yoghurts that have Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidus and, Lactobacillus casei, in them.

Broccoli - Boost Your Immune System

#2 Life Is Better With Broccoli

Love it or hate it, broccoli is a superfood. It might not wear a red and blue outfit with a red flowing cape, but it is super!

Eating a cup of broccoli gives you the same amount of Vitamin C as an orange. It is also full of B Vitamins and has high amounts of Beta-Carotene, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Because of the number of nutrients it has, it is an excellent choice of food to boost your immune system.

Recent studies show that broccoli has a compound called I3C in it, which can help to suppress tumours.

Garlic -

#3 Gorgeous Garlic

Garlic is another food used for centuries to treat colds. It was available during the period of the Giza pyramids construction 5,000 years ago.

A study used Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) to research the effects of garlic on the immune system. It found that participants who took AGE had fewer colds and symptoms. They also found that garlic can help to reduce inflammation in the body.

Allicin which gives garlic it’s the characteristic smell. Allicin can help fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses. I even remember a bus driver in Australia telling me to use it instead of Vicks!

Remember to make sure that if you live with someone else, that you eat it at the same time, so you won’t notice the smell!

Chicken-Soup - Boost Your Immune System

#4 Healthy Chicken Soup

Think back to those childhood memories when you were ill. Your Mum would sometimes give you a nice healthy bowl of chicken soup.

Mum’s do know best! Chicken soup is full of goodness and can help you get over a cold quicker.

When you get a cold, the virus attacks tissues in your upper respiratory tract. Your body responds to this and triggers inflammation. White blood cells react to the swelling and flock to it, which creates mucous.

There are ingredients in chicken soup that stop the white blood cells from moving. These ingredients help to decrease the mucous in the body.

Here is a recipe for Homemade Chicken Soup for when you need it next unless you call your Mum!

Berries -

#5 Beautiful Blueberries

Berries come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Not only are they pretty, but they are all full of goodness. Blueberries are the king of berries!

A flavonoid called anthocyanin is the keyword here. Anthocyanin has antioxidant properties that can boost the immune system.

A study in 2016 found that flavonoids can help the immune defence system specifically for the respiratory tract. People who ate foods rich in flavonoids had fewer colds and respiratory problems.

You could also consider combining #1 with #5. Perfect!

Dark-Chocolate - Boost Your Immune System

#6 Delightful Dark Chocolate

What is chocolate doing in a list of healthy food? Is this right?

Yes, it is!

Dark chocolate is very good for you, especially when it comes to free radicals.

When a body breaks down food or encounters pollution, free radicals can appear. The free radicals can damage cells in the body.

An antioxidant in dark chocolate called theobromine protects the cells from free radicals. This antioxidant can help to boost the immune system.

So, next time you reach for that dark chocolate bar, there is no need to feel guilty. But don’t go crazy and eat it all. A square a day is enough!


You might eat some of this food already. Or perhaps you eat these types of food in phases. Try to incorporate all of them regularly into your weekly diet. Anything that can help to boost your immune system is well worth it.

Living a healthy life will help your immune system. It will also help you maintain a positive attitude, and so the cycle continues.

Enjoy eating healthy food to boost your immune system, even with chocolate!

Don’t forget to care and share this article with your family and friends. It would be great to hear in the comments below what healthy food you have been eating. Is there anything that you can recommend?

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