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Finding time to exercise can sometimes feel impossible to manage in our daily lives. We are so busy, it is difficult to even find a spare 30 minutes. But it is possible.

Most of the time you are the real reason why you are not finding the time. It is very easy for us to come up with excuses why we cannot go and do exercise.

Find Time To Exercise - Excuses

“It is raining, so I don’t want to get wet!”

“I need to buy some new exercise clothes, as the ones I have are not trendy.”

“Strewth! I am too busy with work and I am too tired to do anything at all!”.

We have all used these excuses before. And there are 100s more where those ones came from 🙂 So here are some ways you can find time to exercise. So it does not feel like a chore and you can enjoy it!

Find Time To Exercise When You Do The Food Shopping

Luckily for me, I have 2 supermarkets within walking distance of my home. One is a return journey of about 15 minutes and the other is 30 minutes (not including the shopping).

Exercise When Do You The Food Shopping - The Leslie Link

I save time by doing exercise when I walk to the supermarket. I am also doing my food shopping at the same time. It is free to walk and very healthy in the fresh air. Buy a few items, so you are not overloaded.

Timing can be key. Try and do the walk before lunchtime, or before your evening meal. By the time you get home, you will be hungry. You will find that you enjoy your fresh food even more.

If your supermarket is further away, make sure that you park your car at the other end of the carpark. When you walk to the car with your shopping trolley you can walk off those calories. The best thing is, you can do this without even noticing.

Find Time To Exercise When You Are Sitting Down

Yes, you read it right! 🙂 You can even exercise when you are sitting at home. There is no excuse to not exercise. There are so many ways in which you can exercise your body.

Sitting Exercises - The Leslie Link

Here is a link from the NHS that details different sitting exercises. Try and do some of these exercises and feel the benefits now.

Also, if you have problems with mobility this can be a great way to exercise.

Check Your Motivation Level

You do have time to exercise but your motivation is feeling a little low. This is when the excuses will start coming out. Be honest with yourself and see if you are feeling demotivated. If you are feeling a little low, take steps to increase your motivation.

FInd TimeTo Exercise - Motivation Level

Read this article 7 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Workout and get yourself back on track. We all have times when we want to relax. Don’t feel guilty and enjoy your relaxing time, but try not to overindulge like a cat!

So by now, you should be feeling better with yourself. You are more open to the idea of exercising at different times and in different ways.

Next Week in Part 2 we will look at other ways you can find time to exercise. Don’t forget to care and share this blog post. Share it with the people in your life that will benefit the most.

Until next week, have a great weekend!

Sally – The Leslie Link

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