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2019 is a brand new year for you. How to find the confidence to do anything! is your mission for this year. Do you choose to accept it? I really hope that your answer to the question was a big Yes!!!

In many different situations, you will have to interact with people. You will have situations “accidentally” forced upon you when you least expect it. So, you can start learning how to accept these mini-missions with confidence!

Here are some of the most common situations we can face. Besides, they come with some great ideas to smooth your journey in 2019!

How To Find The Confidence…

1) Interviews

How to find the confidence for interviews… Preparation is the key! You need to make sure that you have prepared yourself for the interview. Think about all the questions they could ask you and have organised answers ready to go! I am one of those very rare people that like interviews. Interviews can be interesting. I like to find out more about the company.

I select my outfit a few days in advance. So, I know that I will not only look professional, but I do not have to search for a blouse or a pair of shoes the night before! Or if you are a guy, your outfit may look more like the photo above!

Body Language

Watch your body language, it can have a huge impact on the way that you present yourself. Here is an interesting article from Total Jobs, that explains about body language, in an interview setting.

3 Positive Things

When I was very young my dad gave me a great tip for interviews. He told me to write down 3 positive things that I wanted to tell the company about myself. He said, my mission, was to somehow get those bits of information into the conversation.

It is a great strategy on many levels. Mentally you will ready for the interview. When you are in the interview it keeps you “in the zone”. You will find that you are listening very clearly, to everything that the interviewer is saying to you. This also comes across very well to the company as it shows that you have genuine interest in them.

Remember those 3 pieces of positive information… Place them in the interview at the appropriate times! And let the magic begin.

Dating - How To Find The Confidence

2) Dating

“Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.” – Maya Angelou


Dating can be scary. Especially when you have not dated for years. But dating gives you the opportunity to find somebody new. Somebody who you can share your life and dreams with. Somebody who understands you and accepts who you are.

Try Different Types Of Dating

In our modern society, there are even more ways to go on a date. Blind dating from a friend’s recommendation, dating apps, and even fitness dating! It is important to remember, that everybody is different. And what works for you, might not work for somebody else. Try different ways to date and find out what works best for you. If at first, you don’t succeed…try, try, again! Do not get despondent if it is not great the first time. It will get better.

Read this for more tips on building your confidence, when you head out into the world to meet somebody!

New Job - How To Find The Confidence

3) New Job

Do you have your eye on a dream job? Scared to make the move? Get ready to take action! Grab that pen and paper and make yourself a list. What are the Pros and Cons of changing your job? Write them all down. Needless to say, the Pros need to outweigh the Cons, if this is going to work out for you.

Going for your new job does not need to feel overwhelming. Break down what you need to do into little “chunks”. Straight away, your dream job will not feel so far away.

  • Do you need to spruce up on some skills to be able to do the job? – Find that course and enrol now!
  • Does the job involve travelling? – Start saving and buy that car!
  • Would you like first-hand info about the job, before making the move? – Reach out to somebody on Linkedin who does the same job, and ask them everything. They will give you the low-down.
  • Are you scared about making the change? Don’t be. It is normal to feel nervous. Harness that nervous energy and use it to your advantage. And remember, if it doesn’t work out the world will not end. Life goes on. You can do something else.

This article from How Stuff Works discusses 10 Great Reasons To Change Jobs!

New Friends - How To Find The Confidence

4) New Friends

When we are very young children, we can make friends very easily. Have you ever noticed how children go to each other and play, even when they do not know each other?

Older Friends

But as we become older, different things come into play. We understand more about the world and how it works. And we start having our own guidelines on what kind of friends we would like.

You will find that friends come and go. But from every friend that we are lucky to have, we can always learn something. New friends appear when we need them and if we outgrow them, they will move on. The best ones, the ones that grow with us, can end up becoming your best friends.

If we are very lucky, we can grow up with friends in the same neighbourhood. But sometimes, we may have to start again in a new place. Meeting new people and finding friends can seem like hard work. The fear of rejection or not fitting in can sometimes stop us reaching out.

But that new friend could have such a positive impact on you. Make sure that you never miss out on the opportunity to have a new friend. They can make you see things in a different way, and bring a fresh perspective to your life.

Further Tips

Here are some tips from the Harvard Business Review on how to make friends in a new city.

If you sometimes find it difficult to make friends, check out this article – 6 confidence tips for shy people!

So next time you are lacking confidence, and need a boost, Remind yourself that it is all possible. Give yourself a little push and get started! Until next time – Have a great weekend! Sally.

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