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According to research by WHO, 1 in 4 adults globally do not meet the recommended levels of physical activity. Are you the 1 in 4? If you are, don’t despair, there is an easy solution. You can exercise for 30 minutes every day by changing the way you do things. It is easy, smart, and will help you get on track.

Your personal development plan should always include some exercise. You don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn or work out in the gym. But you do need to be consistent to see any real results. Your busy day might seem hectic, with no space for 30 minutes. However, it is possible and is easier than you think!

Exercise for 30 minutes

Dancing is an exciting way to fit some exercise into your day. You don’t need to go to the local disco. You can do it wherever you want. Stick that radio on or play your favourite band. You can even have a little boogie as you make your dinner. Or try a little shimmy when you brush your teeth or walk through your home.

Bring out your inner John Travolta and crack out some dance moves.

Dancing is excellent for your body and your mind. Throwing your body around without a care in the world can release stress and make you feel alive. Check out this Dancing Calorie Counter from Burning Calories. Pick your preferred style of dancing and find out how many calories you can lose when you exercise for 30 minutes.

Shop Till You Drop


You might think shopping online saves you time but is it good for your health? A bit of fresh air and a walk will do wonders for you. You can also use the Perceived Exertion Scale, as explained by Harvard Medical School. You can use the scale and check how hard you are exercising when you walk.

30 minutes of exercise walking to the shops and back is time well spent.

So next time you need to buy some food or buy some new clothes, do it in person. We used to do before tech, so embrace the old ways and gain some exercise. Plus, you can spot the food you want and try on the clothes while you are there. Result!

Ditch The Car and Exercise for 30 Minutes


So next time you look at your car and go and grab your keys for a short drive. Change your thinking and put your trainers on instead. You’ll enjoy the walk there and back, will get some fresh air and who knows what exciting things might happen on the way. Plus you will save some petrol.

Cars are handy, but they can make us lazy.

Don’t go overboard and head off on a long walk that zaps your energy too much on the way back. Set off at a reasonable pace and walk for 15 minutes, then walk 15 minutes back home. You’ll probably enjoy it so much you’ll be itching to get outside again. Start planning some walking routes from your home.

Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Exercise for 30 minutes by cleaning

Cleaning might not be your most exciting pastime. But you can change all this on its head. Next time you grab your mop, brush, and shovel, look upon it as exercise. You are up and down and bending around corners. You don’t stop when you are cleaning things up. Keep that energy level going.

Imagine the feeling of a good workout and a shiny, clean home to relax in.

So when you have finished it all, you can get your feet up and relax in your sparkling home. Also, when you have an uncluttered home, you will have a tidy mind. All you have to do is chill. Who would imagine that cleaning could give you so much?

You Can Exercise for 30 Minutes

You now have some ideas on how you can easily put 30 minutes of exercise into your day. There is no need to make a drama out of exercising. You only need to think differently and look upon it as fun. It all adds up to 3.5 hours of exercise a week, which is impressive for anybody.

Don’t delay, start from today. You can get that radio on and boogie on down tonight. Don’t forget to check it after a week and see how you feel. You’ll be surprised how your body feels more toned and how you feel mentally. Keep up the good work and develop yourself further.

Don’t forget to care and share the article with your family and friends. It will also be great to read your comments below. Happy Exercising! 

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