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The Jacket Potato Shop<br>(Short story)
The Jacket Potato Shop
(Short story)

Would you like to see the world in a more positive way? Are you looking for some inspiration? If you answer yes to these questions, take a step into The Jacket Potato Shop. Follow in the footsteps of Sebastian and meet the curious shop owner Quinn.

Use this Self-Help book to guide you along the way. A truly inspirational and motivational short story.

Perfect as a present for a friend or loved one!


Short yet inspirational

“A short read, simple yet quite inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone should read this book and learn from it.”

Lovely Read

“Well done Sally Leslie. This was a really lovely read. I read it on a plane journey and so enjoyed it. Sally really brings the characters to life and you can picture the cafe and soak up the atmosphere. I love the messages too, it would be a really good confidence builder for teenagers. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone.”

Great book

“This is a small book with a great message. It is uplifting. It is easily understood. The book is certainly worth such a small investment. It could change your outlook on life.”

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