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Staying at home can take its toll, especially if you are a social butterfly. But you can use this time productively to try out some new things. Why not have a go at one of the creative online courses? Motivate yourself to try something new! And some have regular discounts! Yay!

There is all manner of activities, courses, exercise routines and lessons that you can do online. It could be a home exercise workout to help get you back in shape. Or how about showcasing your unique food creations?

While the world changes into something new, you can work on your personal development goals, both physically and mentally. Start enjoying some creative online courses, that will make you smile 🙂

Food, Glorious Food


I mentioned blog courses last week with A Beautiful Mess.

But what if you love making food! Do you have a creative flair for putting the right ingredients together? If so, how about becoming a food blogger.

Food Blogger Pro offers some fantastic courses to help you grow and monetise your food blog.

They also have a free e-book which highlights ten mistakes that bloggers make.

Online Courses To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing


One of the best companies for creating online courses is CreativeLive.

They offer courses ranging from business, cake decorating, entrepreneurship, to film making!

They also have an incredible discount now. Click here for a 40% discount off CreativeLive courses till 20th May! Be quick!

New World, New Body


I am a great fan of working out at home, and that was even before coronavirus came along. I like the fact that you can pick and choose something that you love, and the total flexibility of being able to do it whenever you want.

Run by a group of personal trainers, a super website to look at is HomeGym101. They have some excellent guides so you can exercise while at home.

Here is a link to a free guide for beginners to start exercising. All from the comfort of your own home!

Learn Something Completely New

Creative online courses

Imagine playing music for your family to entertain them. We have all seen the videos on Facebook of people playing on balconies. That could be you!

Maybe you have always wanted to bash away on the drums, or strum on a guitar?

Or create a beautiful melody on a piano. You could even learn how to ballroom dance, to do the waltz with your beloved.

Whatever your preference, try one of the Learn and Master Courses.

They even have classes in learning oil painting!

In A Nutshell


Anything that pushes you and makes you think differently and grow is worth it. Learning something brand new helps your personal development and can boost your confidence.

It might seem hard in the beginning. But when you look back in 6 weeks times, you will be amazed at what you have achieved. Think about your passions and pick something to learn that matters to you.

It would be great to read your comments below. What creative online courses are you thinking of doing, and why?

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Have a great week ahead! Best, Sally

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through those links, you are not paying more, but I will receive a small commission. It helps to keep my blog running. Thanks!

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