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You can create a mantra to motivate you every day. The good news is that everybody can use mantras. You don’t need to be a meditation guru to harness the power of a mantra. 

You might have heard about mantras over the years but wondered how they work. Are you interested? Read on to find out what a mantra is and how you can create one for yourself today!

A mantra is a traditional tool people can use when meditating. However, you can use a mantra without meditating in the conventional sense. You can use it to help you create a calm, clear mind. Plus, you can use it in different forms. 

Many people believe that mantras are sentences that you repeat. However, a mantra can also be one word or a syllable. You can chant, speak, whisper, or think the mantra in your head.

Where do mantras come from?

Many different religions around the world have used mantras for centuries. The earliest mantras were made in Vedic Sanskrit in India. The word Om, or Aum, is believed to be the first sound on earth and is commonly used in meditation groups. 

When this sound echoes throughout the body, it is meant to calm the body and mind. Both Eastern and Western cultures use mantras.

What does mantra mean?

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that translates as mind release. You can break down the word mantra into man=mind, tra=release. It is used during meditation to help people relax and release their minds. 

You can also use it as you see fit to assist you in different situations. There is no need only to associate it with yoga. Indeed, you can create a mantra to motivate you in your life.


2. How Does a Mantra Work?

A constantly repeated mantra can help flip a negative state into a positive one. Many people use mantras to help them stay in a positive mindset. It is an excellent skill to use when you need to give yourself a motivational boost.

It’s a bit like training your mind to think positively, regardless of any negative things happening in your day. When you suffer a setback, you can instantly go to a mantra and use it to help you. You can gather all the positive energy you can.

Commitment and dedication

A mantra is easy to use and can change your life. It might initially seem strange if you have never done anything like this. It will take practice, but if you use commitment and dedication, you will notice a difference. 

It is a fantastic way to free your mind and give you a motivational push in the right direction. You can use it as another tool in your personal development toolbox. Like most things in life, it takes practice. But it will soon be your “go-to” method.

3. How Can I Create a Mantra?

The most important thing is to make a mantra that matches you and your situation.

You can use a mantra to help motivate yourself in all areas of your life. Think about where you feel you need some motivation. Then you can create a mantra to match it.

Create a mantra for different situations

You have probably realised by now that you can use a mantra for practically anything. It only has to be a mantra that means something to you. Here are some examples where you can use a mantra to help you.

  • Motivate yourself to good health and lead a healthy lifestyle
  • A mantra for studying
  • Improve your career or work situation
  • Have a happy life
  • Deal with anxiety
  • Work towards a better life
  • Help you to achieve success

4. Examples of mantras

As mentioned before, you must create mantras that mean something to you. Copying one from the internet will not help you. It is best to create one that resonates with you. Think about what you want and make your mantra specific to that.

Here are some mantra examples to help you create your own:

  • I am open to learning new things every day.
  • I am happy to be myself.
  • I am ready to meet new people.
  • I am calm and happy in this situation.
  • I am choosing the healthiest lifestyle for me.
  • I am able to see a positive in every situation.

5. The Benefits of Using a Mantra

There are many benefits to using a mantra in your everyday life. Not only do you have a reliable tool to use. You can also create new ones for different areas of your life. You might end up using one for the rest of your life!

From a scientific point of view, mantra meditation can help in many ways. For example, research has found it can help reduce stress and control anxiety. It can also improve your sleep patterns and help you become more self-aware.

6. Next Steps – Create a Mantra

Now that you better understand mantras, you can create your own. Don’t be scared to experiment with a few different ones until you find the one that works best for you. A positive mantra can be one of the nicest ways to motivate yourself daily.

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